Krewe of Tucks

Saturday was Ken’s parade–the Krewe of Tucks!

In the morning, our friend Liz came over to bring Julia her Mardi Gras Tutu!  2.11.2013.4

Then, Ken and I took the baby over to Napoleon, where Ken loaded all his stuff onto his float and got himself organized.  2.11.2013.5

The Krewe always has a lunch for people who are riding and their guests, so I stayed and had lunch with Ken.  After lunch, I walked the baby back home where we got my mom and then headed out to watch the parade!  My mom had fun getting to hold the baby for much of the afternoon, andwe all enjoyed watching the parade.  Since I rode in Tucks for the last two years, I didn’t get to see it… for me it was a treat to actually get to watch the parade this year, though riding in it is much more fun!  We’re hoping that in the next few years, if Ken is able to get vacation during Mardi Gras, that we’ll be able to come back down for the Tucks parade and hopefully we’ll both be able to ride.  Julia can hang out with friends or a babysitter for the day, or maybe our parents will be able to meet us so they can have a little vacation, too!




Tucks is known for its toilet humor, so it’s signature float is a giant toilet that the King gets to ride on. 2.11.2013.14

There are also lots of funny walking/marching groups and musical groups that walk in the Tucks parade each year.  Here are some of my favorites: 2.11.2013.10




After Ken’s float went by, we went back home so I could feed the baby and put her to sleep.  Then two girls came over who needed rides to the Tucks Extravaganza at Mardi Gras World.  We ended up getting to Mardi Gras World before the floats had even arrived, so we got a little time to eat, get some drinks, and play around with the funny props in the photo booth!  Ken eventually arrived and we had a great time enjoying the party!  2.11.2013.16


It was so nice that my mom was here for this weekend and was able to have some quality Grandma and Julia time while also giving us a chance to get out on our own.  Now that we’ve had practice leaving the baby with my mom, we have to work on finding some babysitters who are available so we can get out for date nights every now and then.  I’m thinking once a month it would be good for us to get out together–for dinner or a movie or even just to go out for a few drinks with friends without having to worry about bringing the baby with us.

Sunday, Ken was on call so he had to be in at the hospital early in the morning.  My mom, Julia and I hung out at home before heading to the airport for my mom’s flight back to San Francisco.  We’ll miss her but we hope she’ll be back for a few days in March!2.11.2013.9


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