Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day today, the Bump has an adorable selection of photos they’re calling the Baby Kiss Cam… so adorable!  Here’s one example: Bump Kisses

Check out the rest of the Baby Kiss Cam Photos!

And since our own baby is by far the cutest baby in the world, I had to include a couple of my own… first from Julia’s newborn photos in the hospital, and then from this morning… her first Valentine’s Day in an outfit from Ken’s parents!  ken kissing julia

valentine's day

I both love and hate Valentine’s Day… I love it because I think it’s a great idea to celebrate love for a whole day, but I hate it because I think it’s a holiday that was created by the greeting card companies, and love should be celebrated every day!  I also hate that there’s so much pressure and so many expectations surrounding the day.  Ken’s an amazing husband and I love him to pieces, and he’s good at surprising me the rest of the year with loving gestures, but he’s never been very good at planning ahead for things like holidays and birthdays (he’s always been one to focus on the here and now so he doesn’t really pay attention to when holidays/birthdays are coming up in the weeks ahead and plan what he’s going to do about them) so I’m not one of those people who gets flowers or chocolates delivered to me at work.  Ken makes up for it the rest of the year, though!

This year to celebrate, we are planning on going out for dinner on Saturday night (we never go out on Valentine’s Day proper since we don’t usually like the special Valentine’s Day menus that are usually more expensive than the rest of the year).  Also, last night at Ken’s Masonic Lodge, they put together a special Valentine’s Day Dinner complete with steak and delicious Valentine’s Day cupcakes.  All of the Mason’s wives got a box of chocolates and a heart-shaped balloon as a gift!

So whatever you do to celebrate today, tell your loved ones that you love them and give them a few extra hugs and kisses!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


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