Nice, Quiet Weekend!

We just had a very nice low-key weekend, which was something I, for one, really needed!  The past few weeks have been kind of crazy with Mardi Gras, the Superbowl, my mom’s visit, and so much excitement, so I was really feeling like we needed a quiet and low-key weekend.  It was wonderful!  It helped that Ken had the weekend off from work and was recovering from some sort of upper-respiratory infection, so he also wanted to stay home and relax.  Friday night we decided to order take-out from a little Italian place around the corner from our house, and we went to bed really early (I’m talking 9:30 PM!)

Saturday morning we slept in a little (sleeping until 7:30 is “sleeping in” when you have a baby!) and had some wonderful early morning snuggles with Julia.2.18.2013 We relaxed at home until lunch time, when we went to meet my friend Michele and her daughter for lunch at Gott Gourmet, a little cafe not too far from our house.  We put a little headband with a flower on Julia for the first time and even though I’m normally opposed to big bows on baby girls, I have to admit she looked quite adorable with this one!  2.18.2013.3Saturday afternoon, Ken put up the beautiful Alphabet Needlepoint that my godmother, Sheila, made for Julia’s room.  It’s huge and she has been working on it since before we knew we were having a girl!  Sheila doesn’t have any kids of her own so she’s always been like a surrogate grandparent for me.  She treats Julia like her own grand-daughter and I think Julia’s very lucky for essentially having a 3rd grandmother in Sheila! 2.18.2013.2Saturday evening we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and brought the baby with us.  It was our 2-day-late Valentine’s Day celebration and was really nice!  The baby was a little fussy before we left for dinner, which made us worried that she wasn’t going to let us enjoy ourselves, but she did surprisingly well throughout dinner.  She was happy just looking around the restaurant at all the people, and she let us eat without fussing!  Several of the wait-staff and other patrons commented on how well-behaved she was–10 points for us!



Sunday morning I went out for coffee with our friend Liz while Ken studied at home, and then in the afternoon the baby and I took a nice long nap together!  Sunday evening, Ken had a guys night with his friend Evan while I went to dinner and ice cream with Evan’s wife, Jade.  (They are expecting their first baby girl due in May!)   2.18.2013.6Julia was staring at a big-screen TV that was mounted on the wall–there was a hockey game on at the time, so she wouldn’t even look at me when I tried to snap this picture.  So far, the few times we have put her in front of the television, this is how she has reacted–she’s just fascinated!  I think it’s probably because it’s so bright and colorful and there’s so much movement.  We’ve always said we don’t want to be the kind of parents who just plop their kid down in front of the TV, but at times, the TV is a really useful tool… like if you just need 10 minutes to yourself to get something done, and the TV keeps her calm and occupied, I figure it’s a tool that we can use occasionally if we need to.  I still think it’s best to interact with her–play with her, read to her, sing songs with her, etc. but sometimes you just need a quick way to occupy her and keep her happy for a few minutes at a time.

So now that the weekend is over, we have a pretty low-key week ahead of us, too!  Friday night I’m taking Ken out to dinner for his birthday while Evan & Jade watch the baby.  They’ll be the first non-family members babysitting, and frankly I’m a little nervous… I trust them completely, and they’re about to have their own baby so I’m sure they’ll do just fine, but it’s still a little nerve-racking!  The thing is… right now I’m able to pump just enough milk to send with Julia to daycare each day, so the thought of having to pump enough extra during the week to leave with them on Friday evening is kind of stress-inducing.  It’s less stressful to me to just bring the baby with us to dinner, where I can nurse her easily, than to have to worry about pumping enough milk to leave with them for several hours.  Plus, every time she eats a bottle, I need to pump in order to tell my body that she’s eating then so that my supply is not negatively affected… so when we go out to dinner Friday night, I’ll need to bring the pump with me and probably sneak off to the bathroom to pump every 2 hours.  That being said, it will be nice to have a night out without the baby, and we are going to another one of our favorite restaurants!

Well that’s all for now… and now that I’m getting the cold that Ken had last week, I’m hoping for a few more low-key evenings this week!


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