Happy Birthday, Ken!

Last night, for the 9th year in a row, I managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for Ken!  His actual birthday isn’t until the 26th, but since he was on a Clinic Week this week, I figured this would be the easiest time to do it.  I also wanted to make sure some of the folks from his firm were able to join us.  This one was probably the easiest party, as far as planning goes.  We had a nice dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant with about 10 friends, and then we had a delicious cake from Whole Foods! Ken's Birthday 4

Ken's Birthday

Ken's Birthday 2

Ken almost ruined it yesterday though… in the morning I said, “we should go out for sushi tonight!” since my plan was to just show up at the restaurant with Ken and have everyone surprise him, but then Ken said, “no, let’s stay in tonight.”  So in my mind I started to panic… I had already made a reservation for 10 people and everyone had already confirmed that they would be coming… what was I going to do?  Luckily, Ken was doing surgeries yesterday morning with our Ophthalmology Resident friend, so I put in an emergency call to his wife who happens to be pregnant (so I figured she could be “craving” sushi), and she told him the problem.  Two hours later I got a text from Ken informing me that we would be going to get sushi with them.  Little did he know… I already knew! 🙂  So in the end, it all worked out and we had a great time!

I actually gave Ken his birthday present a couple weeks ago since I was too excited to hold on to it until his actual birthday.  My mom and Julia helped to make it!   Ken's Birthday 3


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