Monday Morning Again?!

Weekends always seem to fly by, but now that we have a baby they seem to fly by even more quickly!  As Friday approaches, I always make these grand plans in my mind for all that I’m going to get done over the weekend and then before I know it, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve done maybe 2 of the 10 things on my to do list and spent most of the weekend just lounging around and hanging out with the baby.  Oh well… the time we spend with her is so important that it’s okay to let household chores go by the wayside.  Luckily we have a cleaning lady who comes just about once a month, and she’ll be at our house this morning to clean for us!  Takes a few things off our plate, which is nice, and allows us to enjoy the time we have to spend together as a family!

Ken had Saturday off, so we did do one exciting thing on Saturday afternoon–we took the car seat off of the stroller and put the baby in the stroller by itself for the first time!




She really seemed to enjoy it since it gives her a different view of things.  When she was in the car seat attached to the stroller, all she could see was us and the sky and trees above her.  But when she’s in the stroller she can see everything–houses, trees, dogs, people, the sky, etc.  There are a few things we’ll have to get used to now that we’re putting her in the stroller without the car seat:

1) If she falls asleep in the car on our way to wherever we’re going, we then have to wake her up in order to take her out of the car seat and put her in the stroller.

2) If we take her out on a walk in the neighborhood and she falls asleep in the stroller, we have to take her out of the stroller to take her into the house.

Sunday I went to Anthropologie with Liz and Kathleen, and while we were there I realized that the one concern I have now when shopping for clothes is that I need to find clothes that are breastfeeding-friendly.  Julia’s only 5 months old and I may potentially be breastfeeding her until she’s 2 years old (my mom breastfed me until I was a little over 2 years old) and then we’ll probably have a second baby who I’ll likely breastfeed for another 2 years, so now any clothes I get need to work with breastfeeding and/or pumping at work for probably the next 3+ years!

I didn’t end up buying them (they were too expensive!), but I tried on 2 shirts that I really liked and would have worked really well with breastfeeding (yes, one of them is meant to be a pajama top, but it didn’t look or feel like pajamas and was really beautiful!).Splitneck Peasant Blouse

Isaphan Set

Generally, whether I’m at work or going out with the baby, I like to wear a nursing tank top with a regular shirt over it.  It’s easy that way, to just pull up the shirt and pull down the nursing tank top so the baby can nurse.  That way I don’t show too much skin, and my belly doesn’t have to show either.  When I wear dresses, I either need to wear a v-neck with a stretchy neck-line, a wrap dress, or a dress made specifically for nursing.  One of the blogs I read, MilkFriendly, is all about finding breastfeeding friendly clothing options.

And here, for your Monday morning viewing pleasure, are some lovely Instagram photos of the most beautiful baby in the world!




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