Nothing and Everything

Today is one of those days that feels like it’s lasting FOREVER and is dragging on and on and on!  I’m just really looking forward to getting home this afternoon–snuggling with my baby, giving Ken a big hug and a kiss!  I’m also looking forward to tonight because, while Ken goes out to dinner with our friend Shaun, I’m having a Mommy & Baby Dinner Date with my friend Ani-Jane and her baby, Cynthia, who was born on October 26th.  Then after dinner we’re going to the La Leche League Meeting at Zuka Baby!

I love the La Leche League meetings but the timing of them is really horrible.  They start at 7, and usually we don’t get home from them until 8:30 or 9 because people end up sticking around afterward to chat and share stories.  With Daylight Savings coming up–SPRING FORWARD!–this weekend, we’re trying to move the baby’s bedtime earlier this week but I know that won’t happen tonight.  Last night she was asleep by 7:30 but at this time next week, 7:30 will be 8:30, so we have to get her used to going to sleep at 6:30 so that 6:30 will be 7:30.  (Sorry that sentence was so confusing, but you get the idea…)

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today… nothing exciting, but here are a few photos from last night.  We don’t frequently put the baby in front of the TV but whenever she has watched with us, she has been absolutely mesmerized by it!3.5.2013.2


It’s tempting sometimes when it keeps her so calm and occupied, but we really don’t want to be those parents who just stick their baby in front of the TV and use the TV as a babysitter.  Maybe when she’s a little older we’ll start letting her watch Sesame Street and other kids shows but for now it’s just funny to see her reaction to the TV being on!


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