Cookbook Review

Now that Julia is 5 and a half months old and has had rice cereal a few times, we are going to start making her some real baby food!  Our plan is to start with sweet potatoes this weekend and see how she does.  The doctor recommended starting with one new food per week.  Once we have tried a few more foods, I’m really excited to start making some of the recipes out of this new book that I got!

It’s called “Bountiful Baby Purees,” by Anni Daulter:cookbook photo

The thing I like about the book so far (keep in mind that we haven’t yet made any of the recipes, this is purely from browsing through them) is that, in addition to giving you a recipe for the baby puree, the also gives you a “2-in-1” recipe that you can make for the whole family but that uses the puree.  So, for example, I noticed one of the recipes is for a fruit puree, and then the 2-in-1 recipe is for a yogurt, granola and fruit parfait.  Another example is a puree that is then used to make a frittata!  It’s nice because it means Julia will be eating the same things that we’re eating, just in a slightly simpler form but if she likes them, then when she’s a little older and ready for finger foods she can continue to encounter the same flavors in new and different ways!

I’ll let you know as we try some of the recipes, how it goes and how she likes them!


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