Wonderful Weekend & A Happy Pesach to You!

We just had a most lovely weekend!  I don’t feel that I need to give a full and long recap of what we did, but the short version included a trip to the vet for both cats (I was very impressed that Ken and I managed to get both cats into their carriers and get the baby into her carseat and get to the vet with time to spare before our appointment), a visit to the French Festival with my friend Kathleen, brunch with some friends, a nice long walk around the Garden District with an old friend from high school and college, a lovely pre-Passover dinner out last night, a visit with our friends’ new baby boy, and some new tricks that Julia learned and started to perfect (she’s started babbling with consonants and blowing raspberries)! photo




This week we are looking forward to celebrating Passover and spending time with some old friends and some new ones!

We also have been making some progress with Julia’s sleep, thanks to her new Magic Sleepsuit and the Boppy Pillow! image_3This is how she napped yesterday for 2 hours (from 11 AM-1 PM)!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Passover!


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