6-Month Checkup

After spending the morning with her daddy (who has the day off today!), Julia had her 6-month checkup!  She downed the oral rota virus vaccine like a champ, and didn’t even make a peep when she got her Pentacel vaccine!  (Maybe she’ll be a doctor, like her daddy, if she’s so unfazed by having to get shots?)

Here they were waiting to go in to see the doctor: 4.11.2013

The doctor commented that we clearly have a baby with a very happy disposition, and she said everything sounded good, as far as Julia’s eating, sleeping, and physical/emotional development is concerned.

Julia now weighs 14 lbs. 12.2 ounces (which is just above the 25th percentile) and she is 25 1/4 inches long (between the 25th and 50th percentiles), and her head circumference is still in the 50th percentile.  It’s amazing to me that she’s done all her growing (as Ken pointed out the other day) entirely thanks to me (and some rice cereal, one sweet potato, 3 bananas and half an avocado)!  After the appointment, I dropped Julia off at daycare for the afternoon (so Ken can get some work done and relax a little), and now I am back at work for a few more hours.


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