Julia’s a Lucky Girl!

Julia is a very lucky girl… she gets to spend this weekend with one set of grandparents and next weekend with the other.  She is surrounded by love, and that’s a wonderful way to be!  Next weekend she also gets to meet Uncle Neil and Aunt Karen for the first time as well as my cousins, Rachel and David.

Here are some photos from earlier in the week (in the first one it looks like she’s picking bugs out of Ken’s hair, and the second one was taken right after we put Julia in her pajamas, and then Ken had read her a story (“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”) and was playing with her a little bit before bedtime: 4.17.2013.3


And here are some photos of Julia getting to know her Bubbie and Zaydie (Ken’s parents) yesterday afternoon when they first got to town.  She smiled and laughed for them and it was a great introduction after not having seen them for 5 months.  They last saw her when she was a month old at her baby naming!   4.18.2013.3


4.18.2013.2I should add that it was a complete coincidence that they were matching… Julia spit up on her dress in the car on the way home from daycare, so as soon as we got home I changed her clothes and put her in this cute pink and orange dress.  When they arrived I thought it was so funny that she matched them perfectly–Mona was wearing the same color pink and Robert was wearing the same color orange!  I couldn’t have planned it any better!

Seeing these photos makes me so happy that we decided to have a baby when we did… Ken’s parents and mine are all young enough that they will (G-d willing) be around for a long time and Julia will have plenty of time to get to know them and to create lots of wonderful memories with them.  I have wonderful memories with my own grandparents, but they passed away when I was seven years old, so I didn’t have them around for very long.  Julia is a lucky girl that she has two sets of grandparents, all of whom adore her and shower her with love every time they see her!

Ok… done being mushy.

On a completely separate note, we ordered a new Ergo Baby Carrier and it arrived yesterday… I’m so excited to wear it with Julia this weekend and then to use it for our trip next weekend!  In case you don’t know, this is what the Ergo looks like: ergo

I’ll try to give a complete review soon and to compare it to our other carriers.

That’s all for now 🙂


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