Whirlwind Weekend!

Monday morning, we meet again!  This was another whirlwind weekend and I know that we have yet another whirlwind of a weekend  coming up…

Julia spent Thursday and Friday at home with her Bubbie and Zaydie and they had a great time together!  They took her out on a long walk in the stroller on Thursday, they played with her at home, fed her bottles and solid foods, sang with her, read her stories, and just had a wonderful time!  Thursday, Julia got to try on the new headband that they got her  (it goes with an outfit that should fit her soon but for now it’s a tad too big).  We snapped this adorable photo of her with the headband, though: image_2

Thursday when I got home from work, I got to take Julia out on a walk with the Ergo, which I found to be extremely comfortable!  image

We were walking for about an hour and at one point Julia fell asleep probably for about 30 minutes or so.  I find the Ergo much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn we have and it’s also more comfortable than the Baby K’Tan now that Julia’s much bigger than she was as a newborn.  It’s a lot cooler than the Baby K’Tan as well since she’s not pressed right up against my skin so there’s room for air to pass between us.   There is a “hood” that folds down into its own pocket that I could have put up over her head to protect her from sun or rain, and there’s also a pocket that I can access, which fits my keys and my phone.  I’m thinking that for taking it in an airport, it will be a perfect place to put my phone, our tickets and my ID.  image_1

I think the main difference between a carrier like the Ergo or the Boba and one like the Baby Bjorn, is that the “Ergonomic carriers” put the weight on your hips rather than on your shoulders.  It’s like the difference between a backpack for school and a camping backpack.  I’m planning to bring the Ergo with us on our trip next weekend so I’ll let you know it works for the airport after that!  I’m a little nervous about the trip, but if I was able to fly with her when she was 2 months old, it should be (theoretically) a little easier now that she’s 6 months old.  I’m just nervous about the amount of stuff I need to bring since I’ll have a big suitcase, the diaper bag (which will also serve as my purse), the stroller, the car seat, and the baby in the Ergo.  My plan is to check my suitcase and then to gate check the stroller and carseat.  If there are any empty seats on the plane, I’ll bring the carseat with me on the plane for Julia to sit in.  If there are not any empty seats, then I’ll just keep her on my lap the whole time, which will probably end up happening anyway!

Thursday night after Julia went to sleep, we ended up ordering pizza and spending the night at home all together.  Friday it was gross and rainy all day so Mona & Robert had to stay in with Julia for the whole day, but they still had a great time.  When I got home, she was happily playing in her “Exersaucer” and continued to do so for another hour or so after I got home!  She was blowing lots of raspberries, laughing a lot, and babbling away.  She was clearly having a lot of fun! image_3

We cooked Shabbat dinner together on Friday night, which consisted of Split Pea Soup (made by Mona), Shepherd’s Pie & Steamed Broccoli (made by me and Ken), and Apple Grapple (made by me).  We also had challah that Robert had picked up at Kosher Cajun earlier in the day, and some Kosher wine of course!  Before and after dinner we were glued to the TV watching as the Boston Marathon Bombing Fiasco unfolded.  Friday was the day that all of Boston was on lock-down, but luckily our family there was all safe and sound.  It was a very emotional week last week for all of our family up there but we are just so happy they are safe and unharmed.

Saturday morning we walked to the Farmer’s Market with Liz, and then spent the afternoon just sort of relaxing at home.  Ken and Robert packed some boxes at home while Mona and I drove to Whole Foods to pick up a birthday cake for Robert and then we went to drop it off at the restaurant where we were having dinner later that night.  Robert is turning 60 next weekend, so this is a very special birthday for him!  Saturday night we had a lovely dinner at Domenica, and then when we came home it was, sadly, time for Mona & Robert to say goodbye to Julia since they had to leave early on Sunday morning.  image_4

Sunday, Julia and I went to Evan & Jade’s baby shower (Ken was on call so he was unable to join us)!  Julia was being kind of fussy, but it was still a lot of fun.  I think she caught her second wind (despite not having had a nap all day) just as we got there, so I was able to enjoy myself for a couple of hours.  Here’s Jade with Julia (her belly acts as a perfect shelf to hold a baby… too bad the shelf disappears as soon as the baby is delivered, and some of the gifts that they received, that will be so cute in Baby Leigha’s nursery! image_5




Since Julia got used to sleeping in our bed while Mona & Robert were here, last night was a rough night.  Getting Julia to sleep initially was a little hard, and getting her back to sleep in the middle of the night was also quite a challenge.  Having talked to people about Sleep Training and how babies are affected when their schedule gets thrown off, I understand that it should take a few days for her to get back into the swing of things when her schedule gets thrown off by something like a visit from grandparents (and therefore sleeping in our bed for a few days) or being sick or a vacation.  The key is to stick, as much as possible, to the routine, and to be as consistent as possible wherever you are.  So these next few nights before we leave, I’m trying to keep things normal.  While we’re away, we’ll try to stick to the schedule as much as we can, and then when we get back, it might take a few nights to get back into the swing of things, but once she remembers that we have a routine and a consistent schedule, she should (hopefully) go back to normal.  I’m hoping we can get her back into the pattern that she had for about a week of sleeping 11+ hours at night without waking up, or even the pattern that she fell into, which was working great, of sleeping 6-7 hours, waking up to eat and then going right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours.  Luckily, now that we’ve done it once, we know what to expect and it (hopefully) won’t be as hard the second, third or fourth time around as it was the first time.


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