7 Months!

Today Julia is 7 Months Old!  We will be taking her this afternoon for her 7-Month Checkup so I can give you updates tomorrow about her height and weight.7 months 3


Milestones: sitting up really consistently now.  Still not rolling over or crawling yet.  7 months 4

Eating: at Daycare she takes 3 5-oz. bottles and in addition to that she nurses 3-4 times/day.  On the days we are together, she generally nurses 6-7 times per day.  She’s also eating solids now but not very consistently (we haven’t really figured out the timing as far as when she nurses, when we should give her solids, etc.)… so far she has liked sweet potatoes, avocado, pears, bananas, and she LOVES baby yogurt!  She also eats baby oatmeal cereal and we have stopped giving her rice cereal (it made her poops rock-hard and I’ve read a lot of negative things about rice cereal).  So far peas were not a hit and she also has not liked the apricot and sweet potato blend that I sent her with to daycare.  We need to start working on more vegetables though, so we’re going to be trying carrots and maybe spinach or broccoli in the next few weeks.  One of the ladies at daycare suggested disguising the vegetables by mixing them with fruits, so we might try mixing

Sleeping: Julia generally goes to sleep sometime between 6:15 and 7:15 and wakes up sometime between 5 and 6.  Sometimes she will wake up once in the middle of the night for a diaper change and feeding, but she usually goes to sleep very easily after that feeding.  7 months 2

Playing: Julia loves to play with her feet, and she’s definitely at the stage now where she will put everything into her mouth.  At restaurants if we have her sitting on our lap, we have to be careful about what’s in front of us (food, silverware, napkins, drinks, etc.) because whatever is in front of her, she will grab and put in her mouth.  If anything even comes close to her mouth, she grabs it and puts it in her mouth.  She loves it when we sing to her, especially if the singing involves any kind of hand motions, clapping or gestures, and she loves getting kisses and raspberries.  We don’t ever have her watch TV but if the TV happens to be on where we are (a restaurant, someone else’s house, etc.) she is absolutely enthralled by the colors and the movement on TV.  I can see why for some parents it’s very tempting to just plop their kid down in front of the TV.  Julia is also very fascinated by the baby she sees in the mirror.  Whenever possible, I show her the baby in the mirror since I am curious to see when she starts to realize that it’s her and not some other mysterious baby!  She also loves to go in her “exersaucer” or “activity center” as we sometimes call it, and she likes to go in these at daycare, too!

Talking: There are still no discernible words but she’s doing a lot of babbling.  I’ve heard a lot of “bababa” and “dadada” and even some “gagaga” but still no “mamama.”  She also likes to make raspberries a lot and blow bubbles!

That’s all for now… I’ll give another quick update tomorrow with her height and weight information after her doctor’s appointment this afternoon!


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