Mother’s Day

I promised a little more detail about our Mother’s Day… so here you go!

Our weekend started on Friday…

When I picked Julia up from daycare, they gave me this little arts and crafts project that they  made (with her help… sort of…).  On the back, it has her name and the year,

Ken had a really rough day in the ICU on Friday, so he made a special request for a “fancy” dinner.  I asked our friend Kathleen for a suggestion and she suggested making risotto.  So Friday night once Ken got home from work (after Julia was already asleep), I made risotto with asparagus and sweet peas for dinner and I made a chocolate mousse for dessert.  Both turned out to be delicious, and thank you to Kathleen for this recipe.

Saturday morning when we first woke up (Julia even let us sleep in until about 7:30!), Ken and I got some packing done while she played.  We put Ken’s beret on Julia and she was just being so funny and giggly and playful, so we snapped this adorable photo of her!image_2

After that, the three of us went to brunch at Cafe Atchafalaya.  I had been there once before, for lunch, with my friend Holly, but Ken had never been there.  It was really nice… we each had a mimosa, they had really good food and they had a live jazz band playing, too!   For the past week or so, now that Julia has gotten really good at sitting up, we have started putting her in high chairs at restaurants.  It’s really nice to be able to do that since it means she can sit in a high chair with a few toys to play with and we don’t have to hold her the whole time that we eat.  We can have our hands free to eat and she feels like a big girl because she feels like she’s sitting at the table with us.  Here she was in her highchair during brunch on Saturday.  The other nice thing about this is that it means we don’t have to bring her carseat in to restaurants with us anymore.  Instead we can just take her out of the carseat and bring her inside while leaving the carseat in the car.  Now that she weighs almost 16 lbs., it’s really hard to lug the carseat around with us so I’ve gotten into the habit of only taking the carseat out of the car when we get home at the end of the day.  If we’re going to be in and out of the car all day, I just take her out and leave the carseat in the car.  image_1


After brunch, we had some errands to get done around town–we had to go drop off some books to donate to the public library and we had to use up some of our gift cards to stores in New Orleans.

Saturday evening, we went on a nice walk on Magazine Street, where the Magazine Street Merchants’ Association was having a “Champagne Stroll.”  Basically a bunch of the businesses stayed open late, from 5-9 PM, and had champagne they were giving out to customers.  The “green” businesses (i.e. the eco-friendly ones) had “green” champagne (i.e. champagne with some midori and honeydew melon in it).  While we were out, Ken bought me my Mother’s Day presents!  I got a pair of purple lacy Toms that I had been asking for for months, and he also got me one of the Chewbeads necklaces–it’s basically a necklace made out of this rubbery material that is safe for babies to chew on.  It also has a clasp that snaps off easily so that if Julia tugs on it really hard it won’t choke me or hurt.

A children’s author was at our favorite baby store signing books, so we also bought one of her books for our niece and nephew.  It’s called “Today is Monday in New  York.”

Toms: purple toms

Chewbeads: chewbeads

After Julia went to sleep Saturday night, I went next door to read our 3-year old neighbor, Eva, her bedtime stories!  After that, Ken and I had dinner together and then cleaned out my desk.

Sunday morning, our friends Liz and Moussa came over to buy my desk and desk chair (once we get to Baltimore we are going to buy me a little writing desk that won’t be quite so big and bulky).  I just need a little desk I can use to keep my computer, to write letters, and to store stationery and other “school supply” type things.  I don’t need a huge computer desk like the one I had before.

In the afternoon, Julia and I went on a nice walk around the Garden District with the Ergoimage_3

and then we came home and took a nice long nap together.


For dinner we went to Dat Dog with our Mommy & Baby friends Stephanie & Lily, and then we went to Kathleen’s birthday party for some homemade cake and ice cream!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first Mother’s Day!


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