Ladies Night

Last night, I went out to dinner with my friend Ani-Jane!  Just the two of us.  We left our babies at home with their Daddies.  We went to a restaurant close to our house called Salu, where they have a special on Thursday nights: if you get paella, you get a free bottle of their house wine.  So that’s what we did: we shared two small plates as an appetizer and we got paella with a bottle of wine.  The timing ended up working out perfectly: I put Julia to sleep and then left to meet Ani-Jane at the restaurant.  We had a lovely time!  We talked about grownup things unrelated to babies (for at least part of the time!) and of course we talked about our babies, too!  photo(61)

Julia sure does have perfect timing: as we were paying, I sent Ken a text message to see how things were going.  Right after I texted him, Julia woke up.  Since she’s sick, we don’t want to let her cry… Ken went up to try to comfort her but nothing seemed to be working, so I went home.  I nursed her and then she went back to sleep.  She woke up again at about 2:30 AM for a diaper change and to nurse, then she went back to sleep until about 6 AM.

Once she’s feeling better and not sick anymore, we may have to hop back on the sleep train but for now, while she’s sick and not feeling well, and she could be in pain or discomfort, we are not going to make her cry.  I have a feeling our big move to Baltimore may put a wrench in her schedule, too, so we may have to work on sleep again once we are settled in.  For now, I’ll enjoy the extra snuggles with my baby girl!


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