Lasts and Firsts

Now that we’re getting ready to move so soon (we are leaving New Orleans a week from tomorrow!), this past weekend we did a lot of reflecting on our time in New Orleans.  Friday night and Sunday night there were two great events at our synagogue to say “Farewell” to the Rabbi and his family.  They are moving up to Maryland in July so we will be able to see them there but for us it was also a chance for us to say “Farewell” to the synagogue and the New Orleans Jewish community.  We were able to enjoy ourselves at both events since we left Julia with a babysitter for the first time Friday night and again on Sunday night (that is a topic for another day).  It was really nice to have that time to just talk to our friends as adults and enjoy the party without having to entertain the baby and keep her quiet and occupied the whole time.

Saturday morning, we had time to just snuggle and play first thing in the morning (I am very excited to have more time like this in the next few weeks while neither of us is working!) photo

Our friend Caitlin, who went to Med School with Ken, was in town this weekend for a wedding, so we went out for a walk and to meet her for breakfast at Coulis.  After breakfast we walked with her back home through the Garden District, and then we drove down to the French Quarter. image_1

We walked around Jackson Square and picked up a really fun piece of artwork for Julia’s room, then we went to Cafe du Monde for one last beignet and cup of cafe au lait! image


After beignets, we were all pretty exhausted, so Caitlin went back to her hotel to get ready for the wedding she was going to, and Ken and I went home for naps!

Saturday late afternoon we took our cat, Penny, to her new home with my friend Michele’s sister.  I had been feeling really distraught about our decision to find Penny a new home but after meeting Mignon and her two sons, seeing their other cat, and seeing their house, I feel much better about our decision and I am confident Penny will be happier in her new home.  It also makes life a little easier for our family, moving to Baltimore with only one cat and, as Ken so eloquently puts it, only having to deal with “2 small mammals” (one being our baby!)!  We first adopted Penny in January of 2010, so she was with us for 3 years and was the first cat we adopted together!  We’ve still got Boudreaux coming with us to Baltimore, but it definitely makes life a little easier with only one cat to deal with than with two.

Here’s Penny:Penny3

Sunday morning I went out with Julia for one last play date with our mommy & baby friends from the Pumpkin Patch Facebook group.  We went to Palm Tree Playground in Metairie for a play date and then we went to have lunch at Caffe Caffe.  It was really nice to see everyone one last time before we head out of town!  I really hope I find a good group of Mommy & Baby friends in Baltimore!  Last week I did send an email to the owner of a Baby Store in Hampden called Soft & Cozy Baby, to ask about their Mother’s Support Group, their Mommy & Baby Yoga classes and to find out whether they have a Breastfeeding Support Group. image_3

In the afternoon we got little bit of packing and some errands done before the babysitter came over to spend the evening with Julia while Ken and I went to the Rabbi Uri & Dahlia Farewell Party!

It was a wonderful last weekend at Beth Israel and reminded us of what we will look for in a Synagogue and in a Jewish Community when we move.  New Orleans has a very unique Jewish community but we will try to find a community in Baltimore where we feel as welcome, valued and appreciated as we did here.

Now today is my last day at work!!!  We’ll be spending the rest of this week packing, getting ready for our move, and saying goodbye to people!  Tomorrow I have my last La Leche League meeting at Zuka Baby, and Thursday night we’ll be going to our friends Stephen & Mery for dinner.  Friday I’m getting a haircut (my first one since before Julia was born!!!) and we’re taking Julia to her 8-month checkup.  Hopefully we’ll have everything packed before the weekend gets here so that next weekend we can enjoy our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party and just finish up with the odds and ends that are left to pack and with selling/donating any furniture we still want to get rid of.

I’ll try to write again soon, but like I mentioned last week, I won’t be at a computer as much in the next few weeks as I have been at work so my posts might become somewhat sporadic for now.   Until next time…!


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