Settling In

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  My last post was written from work on my last day there.  After I finished working, Ken and I spent the rest of that week packing up all our belongings and getting ready for our move.  We said goodbye to a lot of our friends in New Orleans, which was rather bittersweet.  We were sad to be moving away from all the great friends we made there but at the same time we were excited to be moving on to the next stage of our lives.

We said goodbye to Evan & Jade & Baby Leigha: photo(2)


We said goodbye to Stephen & Mery & Baby Ben-Ami: image(6)

At the end of our last full week in New Orleans, I got my first haircut since Julia was born and we also took Julia to her 8-month checkup!image(7)

(Normally the doctor doesn’t do an 8-month checkup, but because we were getting ready to move, the doctor agreed to do a checkup at 8 months for her so that we wouldn’t feel rushed to find her a pediatrician as soon as we arrived in Baltimore.)  At her checkup, she weighed 17 lbs. 4 oz. and was 27 inches long.  She’s now gone up from the 25th percentile to almost the 50th percentile for both height and weight!  image(8)


On Monday the 10th, Ken picked up our big moving truck and a moving company packed up our kitchen and loaded all our belongings onto the truck.  My parents arrived Monday evening in New Orleans to begin our caravan up to Baltimore on Tuesday morning.  Most of the way, Ken drove the truck, Jim drove Ken’s car and my mom and I alternated in my car while the person who wasn’t driving sat in the backseat with Julia to entertain her or feed her.

The drive went pretty smoothly overall and we had some fun adventures along the way!  image(1)


Once we got to Baltimore, we stayed in a hotel for the first couple nights while our stuff was getting unpacked from the truck into the house and while we unpacked those first few boxes to start getting settled in at our new house.  Ken’s co-resident, Corey, stopped by with his girlfriend, Steffi, to say hi and to welcome us to Baltimore!

On Father’s Day, we went to see the Orioles beat the Red Sox at Camden Yards.  It was really fun taking Julia to her first baseball game!  image(3)



Jim left on Monday and my mom will be going home tomorrow.  Since taking care of a baby is pretty much a 24/7 job, it’s really hard to get much done while she’s awake.  It’s been wonderful to have my mother here to watch the baby while Ken and I get things unpacked and put away.  We’ve also been able to run around town to get errands done so that this place can start to feel like home. 3image(2)


Our goal in our new house is for it to not feel cluttered, messy, or too much like a college apartment.  We want it to look more grownup and sophisticated.  We got new matching furniture for our bedroom, which definitely helps to make it feel more sophisticated, but part of keeping the place look nice will also involve cutting down on clutter and mess.  Everything needs to get put away and everything needs to have a place.  Obviously we have a baby, so there will most likely be toys or baby gear in every room but we would like people to walk in and be impressed by how nice the place looks rather than walking in and commenting on how much stuff we have.  One of the nicest things about our new house is that we have a basement where things can go that we aren’t really using… winter clothing, baby toys that Julia no longer plays with, things we want to keep and store but don’t really have a use for at the moment, etc.  My hope is that every few months we will go through all the stuff in the basement to weed it out and determine what we actually need and what we can get rid of.  We’ll have to do a “spring cleaning” of sorts every few months.

While we’ve been in Baltimore, I’ve already had a job interview (I should hopefully get word from the person who interviewed me on Monday or Tuesday about whether I got the job) and we’ve already seen two daycare centers for Julia.  We also met a pediatrician who we liked a lot and we are planning on scheduling her 9-month checkup with the doctor we met.

Well folks… that’s all for now… there’s a lot coming up in the coming weeks.  Sadly, my mom is leaving tomorrow, so we’ll be on our own after that.  Tomorrow night we are driving down to Gaithersburg to have dinner with our friends Phil & Sabrina and their baby boy, Koren.  Saturday I am going to a Berry Festival to hopefully meet a couple of other moms with their babies.  Sunday morning we will be getting brunch with our friends Ben & Gretchen, then next Thursday, Ken’s parents arrive for a weekend in Baltimore!  His brothers, along with our sister-in-law and our niece and nephew will all be coming for the weekend as well.  Then immediately after that, Ken starts orientation for his residency program at his new hospital!  Things are really starting to happen!  I’ll try to write again soon.  Until then, I wish you all the best!


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