Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!

Since I last wrote, much has happened!  We are starting to feel at home in our new house in Baltimore.  The day after I wrote last, my mom flew back to San Francisco.  By that point, we were mostly unpacked, though we still had a few odds and ends to finish up.  That first Friday night, we drove south about an hour from here to have dinner with our dear friends Phil & Sabrina and their baby boy, Koren!  Here we were, getting ready to leave: photo

It was great to catch up with them and I am so happy we live close enough that we can see them for dinner periodically!  It’s a long drive to go just for dinner, but luckily they have a big enough house that we can stay overnight if need be, and they can certainly stay with us when they come to visit our house, too.

For me, the top priority in our new house was to get Julia’s room ready so that she could feel settled in and get back into a normal routine.  Luckily she is a pretty adaptable baby so she did remarkably well! image_1

We put up some photos in our new house in order to make it feel more like home, and we were mostly unpacked a few days later in time for a visit from Ken’s family! image

One of the big things that drew us back to Baltimore for Ken’s residency is the fact that it’s MUCH closer to his family.  In New Orleans, everyone had to fly to come see us but in Baltimore we are close enough that people can drive to visit.  Ken’s older brother and his family are only about a 3-hour drive from here in New Jersey, and Ken’s parents are about a 6-hour drive from here in Connecticut.  It was so special to have everyone all together for the first time in a long time!  photo




Julia got some special bonding time with her cousins, her Uncle Adam, Uncle Jon & Aunt Sara, and her Bubbie & Zaydie! image_3

Ken’s mom made some beautiful letters for Julia’s room, and we hung them above her crib, along with her mobile which we finally hung up for the first time!image_2

While they were here, we also had Julia’s first swimming lesson!  There is a YMCA just down the street from where we are living now, and they have baby swim classes for a very reduced rate for members.  Julia loved going into the pool and splashing around.  She almost seemed like a natural and it seemed as though she immediately knew what to do–she was kicking her legs and moving her arms around as though she were actually ready to swim!  image_3

Unfortunately the instructor didn’t actually show up to the first class (it turns out she had a family emergency) but she did show up to the second one and she’s going to offer a make-up class to make up for the one she missed.  They already have us putting Julia under water so she gets used to closing her eyes and holding her breath.  It will take a bit of practice but I think she’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly.

The day after everyone left was a big day for us!  Ken started his Ophthalmology residency, I started my new job as an Attorney in the Legal Department at the same hospital where Ken is working, and Julia started at her new daycare!

Can you tell I’m a proud wife? photo


Later that week was the 4th of July, which we spent having a picnic with some new friends I met through a Baltimore Moms Facebook group!  They are a young family just like us, with a little boy who is 16 months old.  We had a lot of fun and seemed to get along with them really well!  image_3

Julia has been working on some new skills, aside from smiling for the camera…image_2



She’s learning how to wave hello & goodbye to people, and she’s also working on eating more textured foods by picking them up and putting them in her mouth herself.  We’ve given her some puffs, yogurt melts, and her first Cheerios!photo

Just a few days ago, Julia turned 9-months old!  We didn’t do a sign picture this month but we did do a sticker picture.  Here she was with her 9-month sticker:image_1


We haven’t yet found a new Pediatrician (we’re working on that… I have two more “meet & greet” sessions set up in the next couple of weeks) so I don’t know what she weighs or how tall she is, but I’ll update again once we know her stats.

That’s all for now!  We’re starting to settle into our new routine and getting used to things here in Baltimore again.  I’ll write again soon!


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