Attorney at Law, Esq.

Today I spent almost 11 hours away from this little girl (who stood like that for about 2 minutes yesterday, though I did have to put her in that position for her to stand up… she didn’t pull to stand by herself for this photo): image

That was the longest period of time I’ve ever been separated from her.  Though I missed her a lot during the day, I did have a wonderful day to myself today!  I also learned an important lesson: I am DEFINITELY NOT ready to leave her overnight yet.  It was hard enough being away from her for 11 hours during the day–I am not ready to be away from her all night long.

Prior to today, I was already a member of the Maryland Bar, but today I was sworn in to the Bar for the District of Columbia!  I left the house a little after 7 AM and took a 7:40 AM train from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.  Ken took Julia to daycare this morning without a hitch.  I showed up to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals at 9 AM and went to their Ceremonial Courtroom to be sworn in!  image_1

The ceremony was lovely–short and sweet.  It started at 10 AM and we were done with the ceremony by 10:15.  We had to sign some paperwork, and then I found a quiet and private place to pump before leaving.  I then went to meet my friend Cady for a coffee date.  I was Cady’s mentor in law school and she just graduated this past May and moved to Washington, D.C. to look for work.  She would ideally like to work for the Federal Government, but those jobs are hard to come by so for now she’s willing to take pretty much anything relating to the law.  She is currently studying for the Maryland Bar Exam.  It was really nice of her to take time out of her study schedule to see me, and I’m glad we got a chance to catch up a little bit.

After that, I didn’t have any plans… so I figured that with Julia in daycare for the day (and I left her with 3 bottles of milk, plus yogurt and a pouch), and no real obligations, why not spend a day in D.C.?!?!  (This was pretty much the first time since Julia was born that I really got a day almost entirely to myself, and it was lovely!  It definitely made me appreciate the facts that (a) we have her in full-time daycare, and (b) I am only working part-time, because it means that if I need a personal day, I can bring her to daycare and I can go take a day for myself to do whatever I want to do!)image_2

The last time I visited the Supreme Court was when my parents and I took a trip to D.C. when I was in middle school.  After I finished visiting with Cady, I walked to the Supreme Court and went on their standard tour for the public.  It’s a self-guided tour of some exhibits about the building and about the Court, and then there’s a 30-minute lecture given by a docent or curator in the actual courtroom.  I then decided to get in touch with a guy I know from high school who just finished working as a clerk for Justice Sotomayor to see if there was anything special he could do for me.  He ended up calling the Curator’s office and setting up a “special” tour, which included some behind-the-scenes parts of the court that the general public doesn’t get to see.  You have to know somebody to get the special tour, basically.  It was pretty cool!  We saw the library, the basketball court that’s situated above the courtroom, some of the back hallways where the Justices have their chambers, and the Justices’ dining room, among other things.  image_3


After the tour, I walked back to Union Station and headed home to Baltimore!  Shortly after I returned home, Ken got back from picking up Julia and then he had to leave to go to the Orioles game.  Tonight, Ken’s at the game with the father of another little girl who’s in Julia’s swimming class.  We met them at the first class and exchanged phone numbers with them since we got along really well with them.  I’m hoping they get along great at the game and that we can get to know them so their daughter and Julia can play together!  We need family friends with babies the same age as Julia so that they can play together while us parents can visit and chat.

On another completely unrelated note, it’s really nice to work in the same place as Ken!  It means that I occasionally bump into him around the hospital and, on the rare occasions that he’s not too busy to eat lunch, we can try to eat lunch together!  Just the other day, the hospital was having a United Way campaign kick-off event.  To celebrate and get people in the right kind of mood and spirit, the cafeteria went all baseball themed… they had corndogs, hotdogs, pretzels, a couple of food trucks, gift baskets with Orioles themes, Orioles tickets to buy, etc. and The Bird came to visit with people as well!  photo

Go O’s!


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