Fun in the Sun

Being Julia’s parents is becoming more fun each and every week as she learns about the world around her, explores, pushes boundaries, learns the limits of her own body, and becomes more playful and interactive!  It used to be that we would go on family outings but they were entirely for our benefit.  She just came along with us while we enjoyed ourselves.  Now, when we go out she actually interacts with people around us, looks at the things we try to point out to her, and just takes everything in that she sees, hears, smells and experiences.  Being a parent is wonderful and I try to imagine what it is like seeing everything for the first time, experiencing each new experience right along side our daughter.

Last weekend, we took a family outing to the Orioles game!  I was fully prepared to need to leave half-way through the game but Julia did surprisingly well and we were able to stay until the very end (when the Orioles won!)New Image8

New Image11

During the week, we went on a neighborhood walk that was put on by the neighborhood association.  The other people on the walk also had babies, so we all got together for a little playtime on the porch after the walk!New Image9

The little boy in the middle is 11 months old, and the little girl on the right is 6 months old.  In addition to interacting with other babies (whether in play dates, at swimming class or at daycare), Julia has been having a lot of fun playing with toys lately and she gets very excited when we take her picture!New Image10

She is now one of those babies who we can (usually) get to smile on command the minute we pull out a camera or phone to take her picture!  New Image6

Just this past weekend, on Saturday afternoon we were unexpectedly invited to a wedding!  It was the wedding of a girl, Laura, who was in my sorority in undergrad.  A couple of people called her on Saturday to tell her they were no longer able to come, so she thought quickly about who else was in Baltimore and might be able to come with little notice.  She called and invited us, which I thought was really nice of her!  I know that on my wedding day, I would not have had the patience for someone doing that and I certainly would not have had it together enough to call people at the last minute to invite them.  We said we would love to come but that it was really short notice so we didn’t think it would be possible to get a babysitter for that evening.  She said that was fine and that we could bring her with us, so we quickly got all snazzy and ready to go out!

New Image

New Image4

New Image7

It was really fun to get dressed up and go to the wedding.  We even had an adorable little dress for Julia to wear.  I was a little scared about taking Julia with us since the ceremony started at 6:15 PM and the reception followed, and Julia’s bedtime is normally between 7:30 and 8 these days.  I was afraid she was going to get fussy and grumpy and that we were going to have to leave really early but luckily she held out long enough for us to eat our meal.  We left just before dessert since she was getting tired and the tears were about to start flowing.New Image2  New Image1What other updates do I have for you???

Ahh yes… Julia’s 9-month checkup!  We had Julia’s 9-month checkup last week.  She now weighs 18 lbs. 11 oz. and is 27 inches long.  As far as physical milestones are concerned, she is really good at sitting now, and she can move from a sitting position to a crawling position.  She has pulled up to a stand twice that we’ve seen.  She still isn’t rolling over and isn’t crawling yet but she has gotten very good at scooting backwards and at spinning around in circles.  Just the other day she was having some tummy time on the floor in our bedroom and she scooted so far backwards that she got herself wedged underneath Ken’s dresser!New Image5Ken is worried about the fact that she’s not really mobile yet but frankly, I’m happy!  It means we are still (generally) able to put her down somewhere and expect her to still be there when we come back 2 minutes later.  She has become more curious about the world around her though, which has led to a number of bumps when she falls over trying to reach for something so we do need to be a little more careful about where we put her if we’re going to step away for a moment.  I’m sure that crawling and then walking are only a few months away so for now I’m determined to enjoy this stage.

Julia has also become much more vocal… almost embarrassingly so.  She has mastered babbling sounds like dadadada, bababababa, mamama and nanana.  She also has perfected her screeching technique.  When she’s really excited about something she screeches.  So loudly sometimes that people from several aisles away in the grocery store are able to hear us, and then when they see us in the check-out line, they ask, “Are you the baby who was ‘singing’ so nicely for the whole store to hear?!”  It’s gotten to the point where we can’t really take her to nice restaurants anymore because she’s really loud and it’s almost not cute for other people unless they REALLY LOVE babies!  Oh well… hopefully this screeching thing will be over soon and she’ll go back to just cute babbling.


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