Date Night Recap

Wednesday night we had our date night and it was absolutely lovely!  Everything went very smoothly and the evening was quite a success!  I made sure to feed Julia her dinner right around 6:30, then when Ken got home we gave her a bath and then I nursed her to sleep.  I put her in the crib by about 7:35 and it was one of her easy nights cause she stirred for a second and then went right to sleep.  Geena, the babysitter, came over at 8 PM, at which time we left to head to the restaurant.  Julia slept the whole time we were away and slept all through the night so Geena was able to watch TV and read, while keeping the monitor on with her in the basement.  Eventually, when I’m not nursing Julia to sleep every night, we’ll be able to have a babysitter come over earlier in the evening and put Julia to sleep but for now, while she’s still my little baby, I’m happy to nurse her to sleep and make 8:30 reservations.

It’s Restaurant Week in Baltimore this week, so the restaurant had a special menu where, for $30 per person, you could get 3 courses!  They had 3 different appetizers to choose from, 3 main courses, and 2 desserts.  For a restaurant that’s normally at least $50 per person, it’s quite a deal!  They also had suggested wine pairings for each course and you could get all 3 for $18 or one for just the cost of a glass of wine.  For our meals, we both had the Eggplant Napoleon appetizer–it was delicious with slices of lightly fried eggplant, tomatoes, mozzarella, and a delicious pesto sauce.  For our main course, Ken had the salmon and I had the duck confit, and then for dessert we both had chocolate mousse.  Ken got the 3-course wine pairings and I had just one glass of wine (the wine that was recommended to go with the duck).anna and ken

I think date nights are very important for young parents–to keep romance alive, to remember what you love about each other outside of your roles as parents, to connect and talk about things other than poopy diapers and nap schedules.  Even though we were just “Anna & Ken” for 8 years and we’ve only been a family of 3 for 10 months, it felt very strange being just Anna & Ken again for a few hours.  Ken even said he missed the baby and wished we could check her on the Baby Monitor while we were eating.  It was strange, but strange in a good way… in a way we want to replicate at least once a month now that we have a babysitter!   anna and ken 2

This was a good first time out since everything went so smoothly, so next time maybe we’ll lenghten our date night to include an after-dinner drink or a night-time walk around the Hopkins campus!


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