The Imperfect World

Yesterday, in response to my blog post, my mom (a very wise woman is she!) wrote me the following email, with words of wisdom which ring true for most parents:


We bring our children into an imperfect world when all we want is for life to be perfect for them.  You want them to be healthy always, to be happy, to be bright and compassionate and loving but also assertive and ambitious.  You want them to learn easily, to find the perfect daycare, preschool, elementary school, law school. You want their doctors to be accessible, close by, always right the first time, share your own philosophy, and tell you what you want to hear.  You want to nurse them as a baby but want the freedom to leave them with their other parent, grandparent, babysitter.  You want them to be able to play in the sun without sunburn, swim without fear of drowning, learn to ride a bike without skinning their knee, to drive with no accidents. You want them to be adventurous but not reckless, to stay close to you but be independent, to learn to fly on their own but remain tethered to home. They should never cry, never be disappointed, never be hurt or sick. Life should flow like water over a smooth rock but still be exciting and challenging.

Welcome to being a parent, my little one.
Love, Mama


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