The 24-hour stomach flu hit our house!

Unfortunately I don’t have many nice photos to post from this past weekend because we didn’t really have all that much fun… there’s a stomach bug going around and hit our family pretty hard over the weekend.  It hit much of Julia’s daycare, too!  On Friday, 3 of the 5 kids in her daycare class were out sick, and I heard that the other 2 got sick over the weekend, lots of parents also got sick, and this morning when I dropped Julia off, her normal teacher wasn’t there because she called out sick today, too!

I’m not going to give too many details since nobody likes to read about that sort of thing… but let’s just say that from Thursday night through today around noon, at least one person in our family was sick at all times.  Julia got sick Thursday night into Friday and refused to eat any solid foods on Saturday.  I got sick Saturday afternoon and didn’t really start to feel back to normal until Sunday around dinner time.  And finally, Ken got sick Sunday afternoon and started to feel better today around lunch time.  I’m hoping that the bug is gone for good now and I’m happy to say our house is getting cleaned tomorrow, so I’m going to ask the cleaning lady to do an extra thorough job in the bathroom and kitchen in particular!

Hoping for a better weekend next weekend when Ken’s parents visit for Labor Day!  Also, I just realized that my birthday is 2 weeks from today!  My how things change when you become a parent yourself… I almost didn’t remember that I had a birthday coming up!


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