A day in the life of Julia

I think it’ll be fun to look back in a few years at this blog and remember what life was like with Julia as a baby.  Some of that involves all the fun things we do but some of that also involves the mundane.  On an average day, what is our schedule like?  It’s different on weekdays and weekends since she goes to daycare during the week but she’s home with me on weekends.  So let’s see… Julia’s daily schedule is something like this on the weekends:

Sometime between 6 AM and 7 AM: Wakeup, diaper change (usually poopy first thing in the morning), nurse in bed with Mommy

8 AM Breakfast: Usually yogurt and fruit, or a waffle with almond butter, blueberry pancakes, or some oatmeal with fruit

8:30 AM: Snuggletime in bed with Mommy and Daddy 9.8.2013(10)

9 AM-10 AM: Nurse, then Nap time

10-11:30: Play time!  Sometimes we play in the living room or in Julia’s room with toys, sometimes we’ll go on a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller, sometimes we go to Story time at the Hopkins bookstore, on Saturday mornings we have swimming class from 9:45-10:15, sometimes we’ll go to the Farmer’s Market in Waverly… our options are endless!

11:30-12: Nurse, then Lunch!  These days lunch usually consists of some protein of some kind (chicken, fish,  yogurt, cheese), veggies (peas, string beans, broccoli, etc.) and fruit (mango, cantaloupe, banana, berries, peaches, etc.).  Julia still eats some baby foods (purees, pouches, etc.) but she loves to feed herself these days.

1-2: Nurse then Nap time (or struggle to get Julia to take a nap time) & snuggle in bed.  This often turns into photo session time if Julia’s not really in the mood to nap. 9.8.2013(4)


2-5: Play time/running errands.  Especially if Julia hasn’t taken a good nap, I’ll often use this time to get some errands done in the hopes that she’ll fall asleep in the car on our way to wherever we need to go to run our errands.  Sometimes we’ll use this time to go to a playground and go on the swings or to have an afternoon play date with some of our new friends!

6:30: Nurse, then Dinner time.  Dinner is usually similar to lunch for Julia.  It usually involves some protein, some fruit and some veggies.

7 PM: Bath Time

7:30 PM: Pajamas, Bedtime stories, Nurse, then sleep!  These days Julia normally falls asleep between 7:30 and 8 and sleeps until about 6:30 or 7.


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