Birthday & Yom Kippur Recap

Last Monday was my birthday!  I had an absolutely lovely day.  At work, my coworkers got together to get me a birthday card that they all signed.  After work I picked up Julia and took her home.  She was in a particularly good mood that day so she didn’t cry the whole way home as had been her MO in the few days leading up to my birthday.  Then when Ken got home, he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses! 9.16.2013(2)

Julia went to sleep easily and then the babysitter came over around 8 o’clock (we had an 8:30 reservation).  Julia slept the whole time we were out enjoying a fantastic dinner at Woodberry Kitchen.  It’s definitely one of the most popular restaurants in Baltimore but for good reasons.  Their food is very creative and delicious, uses local and in-season ingredients, and there is something for everyone.  The ambience in the restaurant is also very nice–it’s kind of dark, warm and cozy–very romantic but I’ve also heard that it’s a great place to get brunch and that it can be very baby-friendly if you get the right server.  They have a wonderful wine list but also great cocktails and mocktails for those who don’t want to drink and their desserts are also delicious.

After enjoying our meal, we decided to share a dessert, and they added a little message to the plate for me!9.16.2013(4)

9.16.2013Overall it was exactly the kind of birthday I wanted this year: quiet and low key, spent with Ken and Julia.  It was perfect!

This past weekend was Yom Kippur!  Since Kol Nidre was on Friday night, Julia’s daycare closed at noon on Friday.  Ken and I both took her to daycare and then I went to work while Ken got some errands done around town.  Then Ken picked her up at noon and spent the afternoon with her while I stayed at work for a couple more hours.  When I got home, we quickly packed up our stuff into Ken’s car and drove down to Aspen Hill, a small Jewish community in Rockville, MD.  I made the executive decision that one of us should sit in the backseat with Julia while the other one drove since I figured it would make for a more pleasant drive.9.16.2013(3)

The Synagogue set us up with a host family to stay with since we didn’t want to deal with driving back and forth Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday evening.  The family was a young couple with a little boy who was 20 months old.  When we got to their house on Friday, they had prepared a delicious dinner and Julia had fun playing with their son, Mason.  Ken and I went to services at Uri & Dahlia’s new shul and then came home and went to bed.

Saturday we spent the morning at services (luckily the synagogue got a babysitter so I was able to actually sit in services and enjoy myself for a while), then we spent most of the afternoon hanging out with our new friends at their house.  We walked around in the woods behind their house for a little bit, I tried to get Julia to take a nap (I was moderately successful but she’s just not a good day-time sleeper), and we played for a while.  Uri and Dahlia also came over (they were staying at a house just two doors down) in the afternoon to hang out with us.  Then after services were all over we all had a Break-the-Fast together, consisting of bagels with cream cheese, tuna salad, etc.  I tried to get Julia to go to sleep, but she just wouldn’t have it… so instead she joined us for the Break-the-Fast.  She had a few little bites of bagel and some onions.  She LOVED the red onion!  I was shocked!  After eating, we packed ourselves back into the car and drove home to Baltimore.  Julia slept the whole way and stayed asleep when we got home.  Next up on the Jewish holiday calendar: Sukkot!  Tomorrow night we are going to Chabad at Hopkins to have dinner in their Sukkah.  The last day of Sukkot is called Shemini Atzeret or Simchat Torah and that’s Julia’s Hebrew Birthday!



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