Best of Both Worlds

Right now I think I have the ideal situation for a mommy with a baby: I am working part time with very flexible hours.  This means that if Julia gets sick, I can call in and say I’m not going to be at work that day because I need to stay home and take care of my baby.  But, I still get time to myself to be a grownup, exercise my mind and talk about grownup things.  Or, if her daycare is closed for a day, I can stay home with her and have a fun Mommy & Baby day off.

Since Julia’s daycare is affiliated with a synagogue, they are closed for major Jewish holidays so Thursday they were closed for the first day of Sukkot, and this upcoming Thursday they will be closed for Simchat Torah.  This past Thursday, I decided that rather than spend the day at home getting bored and being lazy, we would go into DC for an adventure!

We took the Marc Train into DC (Julia fell asleep about 10 minutes into the train ride and slept for nearly an hour in her stroller!) and met up with one of the Mommies from the Pumpkin Patch Facebook group with her baby.  First we got some coffee at Starbucks at Union Station (which is currently undergoing renovations and has a lot of new restaurants/food stands and is very nice!) and then we walked all the way from Union Station to Georgetown (it was almost a 4-mile walk!)  By the time we got to Georgetown, we were hungry for lunch so we stopped at Johnny Rockets to get some lunch.  We put the babies in high chairs next to each other and they were too cute–trying to share food with each other, grabbing each other’s hands, etc.  They were adorable together!  My friends Holly & Cady met us at Johnny Rockets for lunch, too, and it was so nice to see them as well!  9.23.2013(6)

After lunch we walked over to Georgetown Cupcakes (from the TLC Show “DC Cupcakes”) for dessert, and then we walked around the neighborhood a bit before heading off on our separate ways.  It was a great day!!!9.23.2013(5)


We also had a very exciting weekend, though it was fairly low-key, which was nice.  Friday after work, I took Julia to Happy Hour to celebrate the birthday of one of my coworkers.  We went to a bar/restaurant in Fells Point.  9.23.2013(3)

Saturday morning we had Julia’s swim class, which she absolutely LOVES.  After swimming, Ken had to head to the hospital to see some patients so Julia and I went to have breakfast at Pete’s Grill with my friend Rachel, who I know from college.  After breakfast we went home and Julia took a nice long nap before we headed out to get some errands done.  Saturday night was nice and low-key: we ate dinner at home and watched a movie (something we hadn’t done in quite a while it seemed).

Sunday was supposed to be another low-key day but instead it started with me ramming my pinkie toe into a chair.  It hurt like crazy and was off at a jaunty angle so we decided it was either broken or dislocated and figured the best course of action was to head to the ER since Ken is not trained to handle toes.  If it was my eyeball I had rammed into a chair, I would have trusted him to treat it but he’s not a podiatrist or an orthopedist so we figured it was best to let the experts handle it.  They took some x-rays and determined it was “fractured” and “moderately displaced” so they taped it to the toe next to it, gave me Tylenol, told me to follow up with the podiatrist and sent me on my way.  We spent the rest of the day at a small little neighborhood festival and just relaxing at home.  But first, we took this family self-portrait in the ER (those are graham cracker crumbs on Julia’s mouth! 9.23.2013(2)

This week we will be celebrating Julia’s Hebrew birthday on Thursday (she was born on Simchat Torah) and hopefully having a few more quiet and relaxing evenings as a family at home!  We definitely need more relaxing family time 🙂 9.23.2013


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