Birthday Madness!!!

So as  you all know, Julia’s birthday is coming up just a week from tomorrow, and her birthday party is going to be the following Saturday.  Being active on a few Mommy Facebook groups and on Pinterest, it’s hard not to get a little crazy with birthday party plans.  If you look up “First Birthday Party” on Pinterest, you’ll find thousands of posts and photos and ideas about first birthday parties.  Some people go all out with birthday parties: they’ll pick a theme and everything will go with that theme–the decorations, the food, the cake, the activities, the clothing, etc.  People often get a “smash cake” that they just put in front of the baby and let them play with/get all over themselves/eat if they manage to get any in their mouths.  People also often do elaborate first birthday photo shoots.  When we first started thinking about Julia’s birthday party I really wanted to do a Mardi Gras theme.  I figured we would have jambalaya and po boys for lunch, followed by a king cake or purple, green and gold cupcakes, we would have Mardi Gras masks everywhere, with beads and mask-decorating for the kids.  I wanted Julia to be in a Happy Birthday onesie with a Mardi Gras tutu.  I was planning to go all out.  

Then Ken & his mom kind of talked me down a little and made me realize that this is a 1st birthday party that Julia will not remember and really the theme would be just for my own benefit and for the sake of pictures.  So now we’re just planning a small get together for our family and a few friends at our house.  The food is going to be fairly simple: bagels with lox and cream cheese, salad, fruit, cut-up veggies, and cupcakes.  For drinks we’ll probably stick with simple things as well: sodas, iced tea and lemonade.  There are still close to 30 people coming (mostly family) but we are going to try to keep it fairly basic.  

That being said, there’s still a part of me that wants to go all out, so I may still do some decorations in line with a Mardi Gras theme… I’m thinking balloons in Mardi Gras colors, and we might do a Mardi Gras mask and some beads here and there just to add some sparkle.  Plates, napkins and plastic-wear may also be in Mardi Gras colors just to stick with a common color scheme.  And I might do a “Happy Birthday” banner if I can find one in the right colors.  We’ll see what I can find at Party City and/or Target!

Speaking of Julia’s birthday, her first birthday present came last week… it’s a new chair from her Grandma and Grandpa (aka my parents!)  Here’s the chair with her name on it:9.30.2013(2)

and Julia sitting in it for the first time!  9.30.2013(4)


Ken’s parents also gave us Julia’s present a little early: they gave us money to buy her new carseat, which also came last week!  Here’s Julia sitting in her new car seat for the first time (Ken had to adjust the straps before installing the carseat in my car, so that’s why it’s in our living room):9.30.2013

A few days after Julia’s actual birthday, we will be having her 1-year checkup with her new pediatrician.  We finally found a doctor we like, so I’m excited to get her checked out, see how much she weighs, how tall she is, and just get a few questions answered.  Since starting at her new daycare, Julia has gotten sick quite a few times… she had a stomach bug for a few days, she’s gotten diarrhea a few times, and just this past weekend she had a fever that lasted for a little over 48 hours and finally broke last night.  Lucky for us, even when she’s sick she’s still a generally happy baby (though sometimes a bit more fussy and clingy/cuddly) so it’s hard to tell when she’s sick without checking her temperature.  We know she’s really  not feeling well if she doesn’t act like her normal self as was the case Saturday morning.  This morning she was mostly back to normal: happy, babbling away, and climbing all over everything.  It was good to see that she was feeling normal again. 

Well that’s all for now… I’m hoping this will be a fairly low key week for us and I’m hoping we can avoid anyone getting sick for the next 2 weeks since we’ve got family coming into town and Julia’s birthday party coming up soon 🙂 

Happy Monday to all!  


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