Last night was one of the worst nights we’ve had with Julia since she was born.  She went to bed at 8 PM but proceeded to wake up at 10, 12, 3:30, 5:30 and then at 7:30 she woke up for the day.  Since she usually sleeps all night long, I was concerned this morning that something could be wrong and I called the doctor as soon as they opened at 9 AM to make a sick appointment for her.  They scheduled us for 10:30.  At 9:30 when I started to get us ready to go, I noticed a rash on Julia’s back and the back of her neck, so immediately my Mommy-Brain went off and said “Ah-ha!  I know what this is… Roseola!”

I told the doctor about the past few days–fever all day Saturday with a spike of 104, treating the fever with Tylenol and Motrin, etc. and told her my “Doctor Mommy opinion” was that it was Roseola.  She took one look at Julia’s back and said, “Yup!  It’s Roseola.”  Luckily for us, it’s one of those viruses where the rash comes after most of the other symptoms, so this is probably the tail end of the virus for her.  The rash isn’t supposed to be itchy or uncomfortable and it should go away on its own within a couple of days.  If Julia does seem uncomfortable, we can put cortisone or benadryl cream on the rash but other than that it’s just a wait it out kind of deal.

At least she was happy playing in the doctor’s office before our appointment!10.1.2013

It just feels nice to know that there’s a real reason for Julia’s fussiness over the past couple of days and that it’s not just the elusive teething.  Now hopefully she’ll be her happy self again within a day or two and she’ll be all better and healthy in time for her birthday next week and her party next weekend!


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