1-Year Birthday Photo Shoot

Saturday morning Ken, Julia and I went to Sherwood Gardens to meet up with Steffi and her very nice camera for a 1-year birthday photo shoot.  We brought a blanket and a few props (Julia’s favorite stuffed sheep puppet, her Sophie the Giraffe, a strand of Mardi Gras beads, etc.) and basically just played around in the park while Steffi took pictures of us!   Julia had no interest in staying on the blanket or in sitting still at all, so we had to be creative and get some “action” shots of Julia crawling around, eating grass, crumpling up leaves, and walking holding our hands, but I’m sure she got some great shots!

These were the “teaser” shots she sent to us, without any editing or anything.  I love they way they turned out and already ordered prints of them.  I can’t wait to see the rest!




10.7.2013(3)Tomorrow is Julia’s actual birthday.  We’ll probably do a little something as a family during dinner: a cupcake with a candle and maybe some balloons to play with.  My parents get here tomorrow evening, but unfortunately they land right around bedtime so Ken will be picking them up from the airport while I put Julia to sleep.  Wednesday, Julia will stay home with my parents while I go to work, and then Thursday and Friday I’ll stay home to hang out with them.  Saturday is party day, then Sunday we are going to a wedding in the afternoon/evening while my mom stays home to babysit.

I have so many mixed emotions surrounding Julia’s first birthday, but mostly I’m feeling incredibly happy that we’ve survived the first year and very excited to experience the adventures we will have as a family in the next year of her life.  Already she’s gone from a squishy and helpless little baby with jaundice, who didn’t really know how to nurse, to a (almost) toddler who is starting to develop some independence and quite the little personality.  It’s been amazing to watch her grow and develop and I know that it will only become more and more fun as the weeks and months go on.  This past year we celebrated so many exciting milestones: her first smile, the first time she laughed, the first time she rolled over, sat up by herself, crawled, clapped, etc. yet there are so many big milestones yet to come: her first words, her first steps, her first time on the potty, etc.  I’ve tried so hard to just enjoy each moment and that is my goal in her second year of life as well: to not rush the days away but to enjoy each day with her.


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