Settling back in

Julia’s birthday was a huge success and fun was had by all!  The last week was a bit hectic and we are settling back into our normal routine again now that all our company has returned to their own homes, but we did have a lot of fun.  Tuesday the 8th was Julia’s actual birthday.  That night, I stayed home to put her to sleep while Ken went to pick my parents up from the airport.  Julia stayed home with Grandma & Grandpa Wednesday during the day–she got to go to the playground and on a walk in the stroller–and then Wednesday evening we all went out for dinner at Petit Louis Bistro.  Thursday I worked a half day and then we all took Jim to the airport.  He likes to come visit but likes to make sure he gets 1-on-1 time with Julia, so he prefers short visits when he doesn’t have to share her.  After Julia went to sleep Thursday night, Ken & I went out just the two of us for drinks and dinner in Mt. Vernon while Grandma babysat.

Here’s Julia & her Grandpa in their matching sweaters playing on the swings!10.21.2013(4)

And here’s Julia laughing with my mom!10.21.2013(5)

Friday my mom and I took Julia to her 1-year checkup with her pediatrician.  She got 3 shots (which she did not like one bit) but other than that, she was a champ!  She is now 29 inches tall and weighs 21 lbs. 8 oz.  Her head is 46 cm.  She is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight, which means she’s growing proportionately, and the doctor was very pleased with her growth and development.  She appears to be right on track as far as her motor skills are concerned and the doctor didn’t have any concerns.  After the doctor, we ran a few errands at Babies R’ Us, the Grocery Store and Party City before coming home to cook for the party the next day!

Here was the one big decorating project I did for the party: 10.21.2013

Saturday morning was spent running around getting ready for the party–Ken had to pick up the cake (which was quite a feat in and of itself with the Baltimore Marathon running right down one of the main streets he had to take to get to the bakery!), and then we did a lot of setup and cleanup before everyone arrived.  Some people had quite a difficult time getting to our house because of streets being closed for the Marathon but ultimately everyone who said they were coming was able to make it.  Julia got some wonderful presents and it was so great to see so many people at the party!

Here was Julia in her birthday dress (the same dress I wore to my 1st birthday party) with my mom.  At this point, Julia was starting to get a little overwhelmed by the number of people at our house but she was having a little cuddly moment with Grandma and then she was back to her happy self within a few minutes!10.21.2013(3)

There were a number of people there who had still never met Julia so it was so nice that they were able to come.  After the party, Julia took a nice long nap while we finished cleaning up and then the immediate family went out to Thai Restaurant for dinner that night, where Julia had her first taste of duck!

Here was Julia still playing with her birthday cupcake (before she realized it was edible): 10.18.2013(2)

And here she is after realizing it was edible, with cake all over her face, body and hair!10.18.2013(3)

After she finished her cake, Ken and I snatched her and brought her upstairs for a quick bath and to put her in her second (third? fourth?) outfit of the day.  Here she was having a fun moment on Daddy’s lap with her sheep puppet!10.18.2013

And of course we had to get a picture of the Levin boys and the three little cousins!10.18.2013(5)

Sunday was spent mostly relaxing at home, and then in the evening Ken and I went to the wedding of my good friend Ben & his wife Gretchen.  I know Ben from “Hebrew High School,” (aka Confirmation class) so I’ve known him since my freshman year of high school which means I’ve known him for 13 years!  The wedding was beautiful–it was out at the Howard County Conservancy.  The ceremony was outdoors with beautiful fall foliage behind them, and the reception was in this hall they had on the grounds.  It was really lovely and we had a wonderful time.  While we went to the wedding, Julia was lucky enough to have 3 babysitters–Grandma, Bubbie & Zaydie!  They had a great time with her and sent us lots of updates throughout the evening.

Here was Julia & Grandma reading bedtime stories:10.21.2013(11)

And making silly faces for the camera:10.21.2013(13)

Here’s Gretchen with her dad, walking down the aisle: 10.21.2013(6)

And here are the newlyweds on their walk back up the aisle! 10.21.2013(7)

The wedding was kind of fall-themed, with beautiful fall colors.  The place cards were attached to pumpkins which we were free to take home with us!10.21.2013(8)

And here we were taking pictures of ourselves at the table! 10.21.2013(10)

They also had a photo booth, which was a lot of fun!  We may have gone in the photo booth 2 or 3 times to take silly pictures with all the props they had!

And here, of course is their beautiful wedding cake!10.21.2013(9)

Monday Ken had to go to work, but Julia had a special shopping trip with me and her two grandmothers!  She got so many new outfits to wear now that the weather is cooling off a bit, including some new shoes, lots of pants, shirts and onesies, and some warm and cozy fleece jackets!  She’s worn a new outfit every day this week and she still has more to wear this weekend!

After a hectic weekend last weekend, we are looking forward to sticking close to home this weekend and spending a bit more time together as a family of 3.  Tomorrow we have the last of Julia’s swim classes and then we may take her to get her first haircut!  My mom, Ken’s mom and one of Julia’s teachers at daycare have all threatened to cut her bangs for us if we don’t go get them cut somewhere, so we may just give in and get them cut.  The problem is it’s so hard to keep hair out of her face: she pulls headbands and clips out and she even manages to pull pony-tail holders out too sometimes.  We also have a few errands to run tomorrow, and then Sunday we are going to the Zoo!  I’m sure there will be more photos to post after the weekend.  Have a lovely weekend, and a Good Shabbos!


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