Baby’s First Haircut & Trip to the Zoo!

As you know from the photos, Julia was born with a lot of hair.  Here she was as a newborn (this photo was taken in the hospital when she was 3 days old): image(8)

Look at all that hair!  Unlike some babies, who lose their hair as they get to be a little older, Julia has kept her hair and it has just continued to grow and grow and grow!  Last weekend when all our family was here visiting, I had multiple people threaten to cut off Julia’s bangs because they kept getting in her eyes.  For some reason there was a part of me that felt that we had to wait until she turned 1 to get her hair cut because you just don’t cut babies’ hair.  We were trying everything we could to keep the hair out of her eyes: bows, clips, headbands, ponytails, you name it!  But unfortunately nothing really worked all that well.  She would pull headbands and bows off and ponytails would get messy throughout the day and have to be put back in periodically but Julia doesn’t sit still long enough for us to get them in straight… you get the idea.

So Saturday afternoon we went to a Barbershop and got Julia’s hair cut!  The Barber offers a special: baby’s first haircut is free and after that it’s only $10.  So this one was free!  He cut her hair while she just sat on my lap.  She was a little squirmy but overall she did a great job and now her hair looks so cute and stylish!  Here she was patiently getting her hair cut: 10.22.2013

10.22.2013(2)It’s a little short for us to put it up into pigtails (though not impossible) but it looks really cute down now that it doesn’t get in her eyes all the time!

Sunday was another fun first for us: it was Julia’s first time at the Zoo in Baltimore!  You may recall that I took her to the zoo in New Orleans a few months ago but this was her first time going to the Baltimore Zoo.  The Hospital where Ken & I both work had a special Employees Day at the Zoo on Sunday so we got in for free.  The Zoo itself was a little disappointing–the physical space is huge but they don’t really have a lot of animals and the animal areas they do have are very small and disappointing.  Especially comparing the Baltimore Zoo to the San Francisco Zoo or the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, this one is very disappointing, but we did have a good day despite that.  The weather was beautiful and it was nice to have an excuse to spend the day outside as a family.

Julia’s a little young to really notice the animals we try to point out to her but her favorite parts of the day were definitely the Petting Zoo in the Children’s Zoo, where we got to pet goats, sheep and donkeys, and the little train ride.  Here she was with the goats: 10.22.2013(4)and here she was waiting with Daddy to get on the train:

10.22.2013(3) There are a few more fall activities I would really love to take her to do before the weather gets too yucky to spend time outside.  Next weekend I’m hoping we can arrange a time to go to a farm for a pumpkin patch and hayride!  I love the fall 🙂


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