Fun Fall Festivities!

I forgot to mention our trip to a Farm last weekend!  I love fall activities–hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, apple picking, etc. and really wanted to start a family tradition of going to do those activities together.  Last weekend we met up with some friends and their little boys at a farm outside of Baltimore.  We went to their petting farm, where Julia had a fantastic time seeing the goats (and grabbing at their faces!), the sheep, the cows, the bunnies, and the chickens.  We then did a hayride, and decided to skip the pumpkin patch since the pumpkins they had were not particularly impressive.  We did have a great time, though, and I definitely want to make this a yearly family tradition!

Here was Julia checking out the goats: 10.31.2013(8)

10.31.2013(9)(notice the look of pure joy on her face while she was watching the goats?!)

And here was Julia on Daddy’s shoulders in the petting farm area: 10.31.2013(6)

They had a little playground area that had a fairytale theme, so each play structure was from a different fairytale.  They had one of the little scenes of Cinderella getting the glass slipper put on her foot, so here’s Julia as Cinderella:10.31.2013(7)

And Mommy & Julia on the hayride:10.31.2013(10)

And finally, a picture of their pumpkin patch (with their not-so-impressive pumpkins): 10.31.2013(2)



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