You can’t be in 2 places at once!

This past weekend was very low key and relaxing.  Friday after work, I picked up Julia from daycare and we stopped by the clinic to visit Daddy at work:11.14

That night, we went to Chabad for a lovely Shabbat dinner.  It’s nice that the Hopkins Chabad is so close to where we are living.  We’ve become very close with the family, and they are nice enough to set up a pack n’ play for us each week so we can put Julia to sleep!  It’s then fairly easy to transport her back home and she usually will just go right back to sleep when we get home.

Saturday morning, Julia & I went to the Farmer’s Market with Steffi and her friends while Ken got some work done, and then we took a family trip to the gym!  Ken & I got to workout while Julia played at the “Stay & Play” kids area.  When we got home from the gym, we could hear the loudspeakers from the Hopkins stadium, so we decided to walk over and check out the Hopkins football game!  Julia met the Hopkins Blue Jay for the first time:11.14(2)

and she had a great time listening to the Band!11.14(3)

In the evening, Ken stayed home to relax while I went to Steffi’s Thirty-One party.  Thirty-One is a company, kind of like Mary Kay or Avon or The Pampered Chef, where the consultants come to parties to sell their products, and the host or hostess of the party gets some free products based on how much the guests at the party buy.  I had a lot of fun just being out with the girls for a relaxing girls night (and maybe I bought a bag for myself…)!

Sunday morning we got brunch with one of Ken’s old friends from Hopkins along with his wife and their daughter.  He is currently doing a residency in Psychiatry, and his wife stays home with their daughter, who is 20 months old.  They are also expecting Baby #2 around the end of January.  After brunch, I took Julia grocery shopping and then we went to Chabad for their youngest son’s Upsherin.  There’s a tradition in Chabad families to have a little boy’s first haircut when he turns three years old.  The idea is that at that age, they are able to start having a “formal” Jewish education, so that’s when a little boy will start wearing a yarmulke, he’ll start to grow his little curly sideburns, he’ll start wearing a tallis, etc.  At that same age, little girls will start lighting Shabbos candles, start saying the Sh’ma every night before bed, etc.  We had a really nice time, though Julia was definitely starting to get fussy by the time we left.  We ended up going home afterward, and she took a nap for an hour and a half!  Here we were at the Upsherin, waiting for everything to get started.  Julia was being a little goof ball for the camera and blowing kisses! 11.14(5)



This week we got a lovely letter from the White House, welcoming Julia to the world!11.14(7)I didn’t learn about this until a couple of weeks ago, but apparently you can request a letter from the White House for a number of different occasions including the birth of a child, a wedding, a big anniversary or a big birthday!   You just have to find the website for your own member of Congress and you can request a letter and put in all of your information.  It actually only took a few weeks for it to arrive after I requested it.  It’s a pretty neat memento for her Baby Book, if you ask me!

This week I’m having some trouble because sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once.  This week a part of me wants to be here in Baltimore with Ken and Julia, living our normal every day lives.  But a part of me would also rather be in California, sitting by my mother’s side and helping her recover from her surgery.  She had hip replacement surgery yesterday and I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that I can’t be there to help take care of her this week.  Luckily I know that Jim and my godmother, Sheila, are there to take care of her and will do an excellent job but I’m feeling like I’m being a bad daughter by not being there with my Mommy.  Especially as an only child, I feel like it’s my job to take care of my parents and the older I get the more I am realizing that those responsibilities will fall more and more to me as time goes on and as they get older.  For now though, my life is here in Baltimore, with Ken and Julia.  The best I can do is to call and talk to my Mommy, tell her how much I love her and send her lots of pictures and videos of her favorite little girl!

We may not be able to be with my mom… but this weekend we are heading up to Connecticut to be with Ken’s parents!  I will be giving a presentation at the Kappa chapter at Yale on Saturday afternoon, so we are flying up tomorrow night and spending two nights with Ken’s parents.  While I give my presentation, Ken is going to take Julia to his high school, where he will meet up with his younger brother so they can stop by to say hi to their old teachers.  Sunday morning we’ll go to Ken’s grandmother’s house in Providence for brunch before we head back to Baltimore Sunday evening.  I prepared this beach ball for my presentation:11.14(8)

We’ll use it for a fun warming up/getting-to-know-you activity at the beginning of my workshop.

And finally I’ll leave you with this cute picture from last night… Julia had a lot of pent up energy last night after dinner so I put her in just a diaper and let her crawl around upstairs to burn off some of that energy.  She always makes funny faces when she sees herself in the camera of my phone, so we took some silly pictures before bedtime!11.14(10)I still have a few more supplies to pick up for my workshop (candy to encourage participation, a sticky flip chart and markers, and maybe a few other odds and ends…) and tonight I’m hoping to pack a suitcase with mine and Julia’s clothes for the weekend.  Our flight is tomorrow night at 8:45 so we’ll pretty much have to leave for the airport right when Ken gets home from work.

Until next time!



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