Short & Sweet

Last night we got back from a short but very sweet trip up to Connecticut (sadly I didn’t take a lot of photos myself so most of the pictures in this post come from other people)!  After work on Friday, we finished our packing and we drove to the airport for our 8:45 PM flight to Providence, RI.  Julia fell asleep about 2 minutes after take-off and slept until about 2 minutes before landing.

Here she was sleeping in my arms on the plane: 11.18.2013(14)

She then fell asleep in the car on our way back to Ken’s parents’ house from the airport and when we got home I was able to put her directly into the crib, where she slept until 6 AM the following morning!  We stayed up chatting and catching up with Ken’s parents until almost midnight!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early.  After having bagels with lox and cream cheese for breakfast, we drove an hour to Ken’s (and Adam’s) old high school, where we met up with Adam & his girlfriend, Jen.  Ken talks very fondly about his days at Boarding School, and there were so many teachers who were very influential for him, so it was exciting for me to meet some of them and see the place that had so much to do with his deciding how to spend the rest of his life.  We spent a good deal of time talking to the Nurse in the Health Center who quietly told me that Ken has always been one of her favorite students.  She told us that we have a beautiful family and that she’s so proud to see how successful and happy Ken has become.  It was very special to hear that!

Here are a few photos from our morning at Loomis:11.18.2013





I had to leave Loomis around 12 so that I could drive down to Yale to give a presentation at their chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.  I had a wonderful time meeting the lovely women of Kappa at Yale and talking to them about Chapter Image & Membership Growth.  While I did that, Ken and Julia had lunch at Loomis with Adam and Jen and then they went their separate ways.  Adam & Jen were planning on attending a jazz concert in New York City that evening and Ken drove back to his parents’ house with Julia.

I got back to Waterford just in time for dinner (and for Julia to ride around on her Zaydie’s shoulders)!  11.18.2013(13)

Ken’s mom made a delicious dinner of Stuffed Shells, Broccoli & Garlic Bread.  After dinner, some family friends came over for dessert and to meet Julia.  One of the friends who came over is a friend of my mother-in-law’s (who just so happens to read my blog!) and she came over with her daughter, Charlotte, who is 8 and-a-half months old.  She was so adorable!  Julia was kind of being a bully to her while she was playing with blocks, but it was still very cute to see the way that the two little girls interacted.  Charlotte would cry and Julia got a concerned look on her face, and would get down right into Charlotte’s face to see what was wrong.  This, in turn, made Charlotte more upset.  It was interesting to watch, at the very least!  Unfortunately, I had to put Julia to sleep part of the way through dessert, but she ended up sleeping until 6:45 AM the following morning!

Sunday morning we all got ready to go and then we drove back to Providence.  We got together with a big group of family & friends at Ken’s grandmother’s house.  Julia got to meet some cousins and an Uncle she had never met before, and she also got to meet some of Nana’s girlfriends.  Julia always has great fun playing with her Cousin Paige:11.18.2013(10)


Around 12:30, Julia even took a nap (we had to improvise a little since we didn’t have a pack n’ play or crib in which to put her down, but I nursed her to sleep and was able to put her down in her carseat with a blanket):11.18.2013(12)

As much as we miss New Orleans, it’s so special that we are close enough to our extended families that we are able to make short weekend trips like this happen.  Here’s a 4-generation photo we took of Julia with Ken, her Zaydie and her Nana:11.18.2013(15)

From New Orleans, we would not have been able to make such a quick trip but now that we’re in Baltimore, it’s much more easy to hop on a plane Friday after work and be up in Connecticut for the weekend.  We were then back at work this morning without too much trouble.  And if it had been a holiday weekend, it would have been even better!

Part of the way through our afternoon at Nana’s, Ken & I both got a text message from Southwest Airlines telling us that our flight was going to be delayed by nearly 3 hours so we quickly called the airline and got rescheduled onto an earlier flight.  Sadly, this cut our visit a little short but we made it to the airport with time to spare and we flew back to Baltimore a little earlier than planned.  Here we were waiting for our luggage at the Baltimore airport:11.18.2013(11)

When we got home we gave Julia dinner and a bath and then put her to sleep!  After she went to sleep, I went grocery shopping All. By. Myself.  This was definitely one of those “you know you’re a mother when…” situations.  Going to the grocery store without a baby in tow feels like a vacation.  I even got a cart without a baby seat just to make my time alone feel extra special!

And now it’s back to the daily grind for a few days… I do have Thursday off this week since daycare is closed, and next week is Thanksgiving.  This Thursday, I’ll be spending the day with my dear friend Sabrina & her son, Koren!

More on that later in the week 🙂

Happy Monday to all!


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