Play Dates

Having a baby is kind of like being bipolar: one day is rough, the next day is great.  Tuesday was rough but yesterday we had a wonderful day together!  Daycare was closed yesterday so that all the teachers could go to a Conference with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Sabrina and I had been trying to find a time to get together with the kids ever since Julia’s birthday.  We wanted to find some time that would work for both of us when neither of us was out of town and when neither kid was sick.  Finally yesterday was a perfect day since I couldn’t work and everyone was (relatively) healthy.  So… Julia and I got in the car around 9:30 AM and drove down to Gaithersburg.  (Thankfully, Julia slept almost the whole way there).  We played at their house with Sabrina & Koren for a little while and then we drove about 20 minutes to Bethesda, where we had lunch at a brewpub type place, followed by dessert at Georgetown Cupcakes.  11.22.2013


At the restaurant, they had a great kids menu, so I ordered from that for Julia: a chicken breast with some asparagus on the side.  She was a very happy camper (we discovered the night before that Julia loves asparagus, so I was glad to discover that was their vegetable of the day).  (Here are some photos from the previous night of Julia destroying the asparagus that we gave her!)11.22.2013(6)



Julia & Koren were very cute together: holding hands every now and then, handing each other pieces of food.  It was adorable!  Sabrina and I both mentioned that we wished our friend Sarah could have been there with her baby, Hannah.  Then the whole group would have been together!  I really miss the days back in New Orleans when the three of us would get together for girls nights whenever our husbands were on call.  We’re hoping to plan a week this summer when Sarah and Hannah can come up to MD/DC to visit so that we can have a few playdates with everyone.  That would be wonderful!

After lunch and cupcakes, Julia and I got back in the car to drive back up to Baltimore.  Julia slept most of the way to our second play date of the day, this time with one of the little girls in her class.  Remy is in Julia’s class.  Her mom, Amy, invited us over for a play date with Remy and her older sister, Sari.  We had a lovely time and it seemed like Julia & Remy got along very well, though they both need to work on sharing a little better.  11.22.2013(3)


It was definitely interesting to see the way Julia and Remy interacted compared to the way Koren or Sari interacted. When babies are younger they kind of play by themselves but next to each other.  There is a lot of taking toys from one another but they’re not really playing with each other.  As they get older they start to learn that they need to take turns playing with a toy and then as they get even older they start to play with each other.  It’s amazing to watch that progression unfold before your very eyes!


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