A walking & teething machine!


Now that Julia is just over 14 months, she is officially a walking and teething machine!  She took her first steps on November 24th and since then has just taken off.  Friday morning she didn’t want to walk for Ken but then Friday afternoon when I picked her up, I witnessed her take 20 steps in a row at daycare.  Saturday morning she was walking more than she was crawling and now she’s figured out how to stand up from a sitting position and is walking all over the place!  Along with this new skill she has to figure out how her body works with (or against) gravity and has to find new ways to maneuver.  One of her favorite things about walking is that she now has her hands free to carry toys from one place to another.

She also is now DEFINITELY teething.  As in, there is one top tooth that’s about half way out, and a bottom tooth that has little spikes coming up out of the gums.  I guess she is officially one of those babies who’s going to get all of her teeth all at once!  Check back in a few weeks to see how many she has by 15 or 16 months!

Things have been a little bit crazy in our house for the past few weeks, which is why I haven’t had much of a chance to write recently.  Right after Ken’s parents were here for Thanksgiving, Julia finished her 10-day course of antibiotics for an ear infection, and then broke out in a horrible rash all over her body.  We ended up taking her to the ER and then to the pediatrician for a follow-up visit.  Turns out she’s (most likely) allergic to Amoxicillin (and Penicillin).  The rash was horrible–she was miserable and looked to be in a lot of discomfort.  We gave her Benadryl, gave her a bath in oatmeal, and tried to keep her as comfortable as possible.  Luckily it went away on it own after about a week and a half, but it was so sad to see Julia feeling so yucky.  Here was Julia with a little but of the rash still on her face.  You can see how swollen her eyes were.  Poor baby!  (Luckily, she was still mostly herself throughout the whole ordeal, but it was definitely hard to see her go through that.)12.17.2013(3)

We also had a Hanukkah party at our house!  It was after Hanukkah was over but it was still lots of fun.  Ken made delicious latkes and we had a wonderful time hosting our friends at our house for the first time!12.17.2013(4)

Julia also got to see her first snow!  We got quite a bit of snow a couple weekends ago, and then we even had a snow day–daycare was closed so I took the day off and stayed home with Julia.  The roads were clear enough by the afternoon so after her nap, we went over and played in the snow with our friends Sarah & Pete and Baby James.  I even got to take Julia sledding for the first time, which was a lot of fun!

Here was Ken shoveling the snow:12.18.2013

Me & Julia playing at home during our snow day:12.18.2013(2)

And playing with Sarah & James in the snow!12.18.2013(3)


This week, my friend Kate, who was in Kappa with me in undergrad, is staying with us for a couple of nights while she interviews for internal medicine residency programs here in Baltimore and in Virginia.  For my sake I hope she ends up here in Baltimore next year but I know she has a tough decision ahead of her and I hope she gets into a program she loves.

Christmas is coming up next week, and then the weekend after Christmas we’ll be driving down to Florida to see Ken’s parents’ house in Delray Beach.  We’ll also be visiting with my cousins outside of Orlando and with some other cousins in Virginia.  Though I’m not excited about the 16+ hour drive down to Florida, I do think we’ll have fun once we’re there and I think the drive back should be a bit more enjoyable and relaxing with all the stops we’ll be making.  I’m most excited to spend a little over a week with Ken & Julia without work or any real obligations.  We can just have fun and enjoy each others’ company!  Just our happy little family 🙂


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