Florida photo shoot with Mendy!

Mendy sent us some of the photos she took on our walk to the park last week and I wanted to share them because they are absolutely gorgeous!  I feel like they really show off Julia’s amazing personality.  Every day lately, we are amazed by how quickly she seems to be blossoming into a little girl.  She really isn’t a baby anymore and it’s amazing to see her transformation.  Now that she’s walking and has teeth she doesn’t even look like a baby anymore.  It’s incredible.




















florida2I hope we always remember some of the cute little things she does… like making fishy faces, or giving big slobbery open-mouth kisses to us, trying to make a popping sound by sticking her finger in her mouth and pulling her cheek, blowing on food, and trying to whistle.  She loves to say “hi” and has learned a few words now including hot, ball, and more.  She sometimes points to her nose when you ask her where it is, and she has started bringing us bags of toys that she wants us to open.  She’ll go over to the shelves to get the bag of blocks and bring it to one of us to open.  Then she loves to take the blocks out one by one and hand them to us.  Apparently her favorite activity at daycare is to take the books off of the shelves one by one, and she has a favorite octopus bath toy that she loves when she’s at daycare.  One of her favorite books these days seems to be “The Very Busy Spider,” and she loves listening to us make the animal sounds of each of the animals in the story.  Her favorite stuffed animal is the stuffed sheep puppet that Sheila gave her.  She also loves Boudreaux (our cat) and gets very excited to see him!  He’s not her biggest fan but he does a good job of tolerating her and I’ve never seen him act maliciously toward her.  She likes to chase him around and when she sees him she sometimes screeches, “Dat! dat! dat!” and it even sometimes sounds like she’s saying “kitty cat!”  Some of Julia’s favorite foods these days include asparagus, strawberries, veggie burgers, deli meat, and yogurt but with teething sometimes feeding her can be hit or miss.  At 15 months tomorrow, she has 5 teeth that have popped through the surface and there appears to be one more on its way.  She’s generally good about not doing something if we tell her to stop and sometimes she’ll even look at you and shake her head “no” when you tell her “no.”  She’ll usually give us high fives if we ask and she sometimes will tickle herself while saying “tickle tickle tickle!”  I think this is such a fun age as she is discovering and learning so much and she changes on a daily basis.

Of course, this age has its struggles (like last night when she was awake from about 12:30-2:30, just crying on and off and eventually she ended up in bed with us from about 2-6) but for the most part she is a very happy and easy-going baby!


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