Weird Day

Yesterday was a weird day.  Julia slept great the night before–she was asleep by about 7:15 and slept in until just after 6.  When she woke up yesterday morning she was being her normal morning self: a little bit fussy but happy to cuddle and nurse in bed with me.  Then Ken & I decided we wanted to go out to breakfast.  So we got ready and went to Golden West.1.13.14

Once we got there, Julia was a little more fussy than usual but she was in a generally good mood.  She ate some cheddar bunnies while we waited for the food to arrive and then once it got to the table, she ate most of the scrambled eggs I ordered for myself (we ordered a blueberry pancake for her but she wanted nothing to do with it).  When we were done with breakfast, we let her walk on the sidewalk outside the restaurant but when we got to the crosswalk and I had to pick her up to carry her across the street, she started screaming.  Once we reached the other side of the street, I let her walk a bit more until we got to the car and it was time to get in the car.  She essentially threw a tantrum getting in the car and complained about being in the car the whole way home. 1.13.14(2)

Once we got home, Ken and I agreed that what Julia needed was a nap, so I took her upstairs and gave her Tylenol (her teeth also seemed to be bothering her since she kept sticking her hand in her mouth and playing with her tongue) and nursed her for a bit until she fell asleep.  I rocked her in the rocking chair in her room for a bit before putting her down in the crib (it’s not often I get baby cuddles like this!)1.13.14(3)


She ended up napping from 10:30 to 12:15.  Normally she doesn’t nap until closer to 12:30 or 1 o’clock, after she has lunch, so this early nap threw me off a bit.  I just didn’t know what to make of it: was she getting sick?  Were her teeth bothering her?  Did she just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and need a little more sleep?

So we continued on with our day and got a few errands done, but she was very grumpy the rest of the day.  She’s been more clingy than usual lately, not wanting us to put her down and she’s definitely going through a Daddy kick the past week or so, where she will cry when Ken leaves the room and she often will reach for Ken to take her when I’m holding her.  It’s adorable that she loves Ken so much but it’s getting to be a little difficult, especially at times when he needs to study or needs to leave for work.

In the evening, our friends Sarah & Pete came over with their son James who will be 2 next month.  It’s amazing to see what a big difference 8 months can make between Julia and James.  James can talk and carry on a conversation.  It’s somewhat limited but it’s a conversation nonetheless.  He can express himself, tell you what he wants, what he’s trying to do, what he sees and hears.  He can answer questions and can ask questions.  It’s so hard to imagine that 8-9 months from now Julia will be doing the same thing!  And one last picture for your viewing pleasure, of Julia after enjoying a handful of raspberries and blackberries: 1.13.14(5)


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