A wonderful weekend with Grandma

Today is my first day back at work since last Thursday and somehow being at work feels very relaxing after spending 6 full days with Julia.  We had a wonderful long weekend visit from my Mom followed by 2 frigidly cold snow days that were spent mostly playing inside.  This morning, Julia went back to daycare and I came back to work.  (I feel bad admitting that I breathed a sigh of relief when I got in the car after dropping her off to drive (in peace and quiet) to work).

My mom recently had hip replacement surgery and she was taken off of “hip precautions” just a few weeks ago and was cleared to fly last week.  She flew in on Thursday and arrived shortly after Julia went to sleep.  We didn’t really do anything that exciting most of the weekend since we all felt like sticking close to home.  Julia was a little under the weather and rather fussy/grumpy from teething pain and as a result she wasn’t sleeping well so we were all a little exhausted.  We did venture out to the playground one afternoon and we did a little bit of shopping–got Julia a bunch of new clothes in the next size up, a new blanket and some teething toys–but for the most part we stayed close to home and played inside.  It was nice just spending time with my Mom and Julia and I think they got in a lot of good Grandma & Julia bonding time.

Here’s Grandma & Julia on our walk to the playground:


and Julia in the swing at the playground:1.23.14(13)

Grandma feeding Julia yogurt:1.23.14(14)

Reading bedtime stories:1.23.14(11)



and getting all dried off after a bath:1.23.14(10)

Grandma and Julia also took some selfies: 1.23.14(7)

and they wore their matching sweaters: 1.23.14(5)

Of course I was there too… here’s Mommy & Julia: 1.23.14(6)

and the selfies Julia took while we were waiting to have brunch with Cousin David: 1.23.14(8)



and finally, Julia’s new favorite (but VERY messy) food, blackberries: 1.23.14(2)

Over the next two months Ken will be very busy studying for his big Ophthalmology exam coming up on March 15th, which leaves me doing about 98% of the baby duties around the house.  It’s very easy to get burnt out spending that much time with a toddler since it takes up a lot of energy to keep up with her.  To keep my sanity, I’m planning one or two “Anna days” when I will be bringing her to daycare and just spending the day doing whatever I want.


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