Quiet Weekend

These photos are from Friday morning during breakfast… we were ready a little early so I decided we should take some silly pictures!  Julia is really into taking “selfies” these days–she looks at the image in the camera and makes faces at herself.  She also loves to take “selfie videos” and then watch them.  Seeing her reaction to watching the videos is hilarious!  She cracks herself up sometimes! 1.27.2014(4)




After all the excitement of the past few weeks with our trip to Florida, and my mom’s visit, this past weekend was lovely and relaxing.  We didn’t have any set plans and were able to just relax a bit and play it by ear.  Friday Ken got home from work a little earlier than he normally does and neither of us felt like cooking so we went on a “Family Date Night” to One World Cafe, a little vegetarian & vegan friendly cafe near our house.  It’s right around the corner from where we used to live when we were in college so it’s fun to go back now and then.  We hadn’t been there for dinner in years and were reminded of how good it is.  It’s a great little place with a cafe section, a bar and a restaurant.  The best thing about it is that Ken can eat everything on their menu!  They’re also quite baby friendly since it’s a loud enough place that if a baby shrieks a few times, it’s not going to bother too many people.

Saturday we sort of took it easy too… in the morning I took Julia down to the Science Center in the morning, which I went to once back in college, but hadn’t been to in years.  We met up with two other mommy friends and their little girls and played in their kids room.  Most of the museum’s exhibits are a little too old/advanced for Julia but she loved their kids room.  There are all kinds of things for her to play with in there and I could see spending an hour or two in there on a rainy or snowy day in the future.

Here was Julia showing off her new “mittens” that my mom made!  They have a string that threads through the sleeves of her jacket to make sure she doesn’t lose them, even if she takes them off! My mama is a genius! 1.27.2014(5)

Now that I’ve been to the Science Center and to Port Discovery with Julia, I need to start thinking about whether we will want to get a membership to one of the museums for next year.  It’s nice, especially when it’s too cold to go outside, to have somewhere you can go play without having to pay the full admission price each time you go.  If we had to pay $10+ each time we went, it wouldn’t be worth it but the membership allows you to go and stay just for an hour if that’s all Julia can handle.  It’s definitely something I will consider for next year.

After the Science Center, we came home and Julia did NOT want to nap in her crib so instead, I brought her into bed with me and we took a Mommy-and-Baby nap together.  Once she woke up we all got dressed to head to the Y down the street and go swimming!  Julia loves the pool and we always have fun taking her swimming so Ken thought it would be fun to go as a family to their open swim time.  We had a lot of fun and it was nice to get out of the house for a bit as a family.  Ken also needed to take a break from studying at that point!

In the evening, our friends Praem & Shannon came over to have a few drinks and sit and chat.   Then Sunday was another fairly uneventful day: Julia and I went grocery shopping in the morning.  After her nap I had a meeting with the other Advisers for Hopkins’ Kappa Chapter and Julia stayed home with Ken to play.  It was just the kind of weekend we needed!


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