Oh, what a wonderful weekend!

We just had the most wonderful weekend!  Friday night after work, we decided to go to One World for dinner as a family for a second week in a row.  We had a wonderful time because the restaurant is so accommodating and baby friendly.  Julia did amazingly well at dinner–she enjoyed a quesadilla with beans and cheese, had fun flirting with some friendly people at the table next to us, and was in a wonderful mood.  When we got home from dinner we put her to sleep and then we watched The Dictator… not quite as funny as Borat, but it still got quite a few chuckles (though I did fall asleep before we were done watching).

Saturday morning we went out for pancakes at our favorite pancake place down the street from our house, and then we got dressed in Orioles gear to head downtown for Orioles Fanfest.  This was our first time going to Fanfest and while it was fun, it was definitely a hard thing to do with a baby.  It was very crowded and there were not a lot of baby-friendly activities.  I imagine that it might be easier with an older child but with a baby Julia’s age, it was very hard to keep her happy.2.3.2014If/when we go next year, I think we should take two cars so that I can stay with Julia until she is ready to go home but Ken can stay to hear the players and coaches/managers talk about the season ahead of them and to get autographs.  We did get to hear a special forum for season ticket holders but I know that there were more Q&A sessions that would have been of interest to Ken.

There were a lot of lines for everything so it involved a lot of standing around and waiting–something babies are not very good at.  The two things we did get to do were go to the give-away area, where we got free Orioles glasses, and we went to take pictures with the Oriole bird.  Julia had met the Oriole bird once before, and had been somewhat indifferent toward him but this time Julia had a very strong and negative reaction to meeting the Bird.2.3.2014(8)  He was good with her though–pretended to hide because he was scared of her–and the crowd around us got a kick out of Julia’s reaction.  As we were leaving, she was willing to give him a high five, despite sobbing the whole time!   2.3.2014(9)

By the time we got our picture with the Bird, Julia was getting hungry for lunch and tired and ready for a nap so we went home to do both of those things.  When she got up from her nap, it was time for her and I to get ready for Miss Steffi’s Surprise Engagement Tea Party!  2.3.2014(10)

We got all fancy since this was Julia’s first time going to tea… she wore a very cute little smocked dress with matching pants (that my mom and I had picked out at a children’s clothing store in New Orleans) and I wore a black dress with my striped blazer from my first Stitch Fix box!  The tea party was at this very elegant tea room in Ellicott City.  It was NOT a good place to take a baby since they didn’t have high chairs or a bathroom big enough to change a diaper, but it would have been a lovely place to go without Julia!  The food was delicious, they had a wide variety of tea flavors to choose from and the service and atmosphere were lovely and relaxed.  It was exhausting for me to keep Julia occupied the whole time without having a place to have her sit safely and comfortably but we managed and had a good time anyway!  It was also nice to meet Miss Steffi’s mom and some of her best friends who I had not met before.  It was a lovely group of ladies! 2.3.2014(2)



2.3.2014(7)After tea it was time to head home for dinner and bedtime.  Ken & I ordered some Thai food to be delivered!  Yum yum!

Sunday morning we woke up and had some much-needed family cuddle time!2.3.2014(5)

After cuddle time, we got ready to go to brunch at the home of some new friends we met through the Facebook group, Mobtown Mommies!  (Sadly I don’t have any photographic evidence of our wonderful morning with them–must be because we were having too much fun chatting and playing to take pictures!)  Kim and I connected through Facebook after realizing that we had a lot in common and we chatted a bit through Facebook before deciding to plan a family get-together.  Ken & I got along very well with Kim and her husband, Zev, and they have an adorable 18-month old daughter, Amelia, with whom Julia had fun playing.  (To read more about Kim and her little family, check out her blog, Amelia Bubblepop.  Caution: It is very funny!  You may just start laughing  uncontrollably!)

One funny story to share (and you’ll have to imagine the photo that would go along with this story): when we were planning this playdate, Kim and I had joked that picking the girls’ outfits mattered more than picking our own outfits and that we felt like we were getting ready for a blind date.  The funny part is that Kim and I chose almost identical outfits for Julia and Amelia.  Julia was wearing long pant overalls over a pink onesie, and Amelia had on an overall skirt with a pink shirt.  It was too funny that we chose almost the same exact thing for them to wear!  We had a wonderful time getting to know their family and we definitely look forward to future play dates with them!

After brunch, we came home for Julia’s nap and for some downtime at home.  Julia had great fun playing with her tunnel from Uncle Adam, and Ken got several solid hours of studying in.2.3.2014(12)


Yesterday was also Superbowl Sunday, so after burning lots of energy at home we headed over to the home of some other new friends of ours who we also met through Mobtown Mommies.  I had met Lara and her daughter Jane before for several playdates but this was my first time meeting Lara’s husband, Jason.  He is a surgery resident so Lara and I had talked a lot about wanting to get our husbands together.  We’re glad we finally did since they got along really well!  I predict future family get-togethers for our two families, as well!  Here were Ken, Jason and Pete watching the Football game.2.3.2014(6)

Personally, I was not too interested in the game but I had a lot of fun chatting with Lara and Sarah, and then once Julia went to sleep I enjoyed a relaxing evening with our new friends.

Today is going by very very very very slowly but I am so excited to head home at the end of the day since my Stitch Fix box should be waiting for me when I get home!  I can’t wait to see what I got this month!  I am also looking forward to Friday this week since I will be taking a much-needed personal day.  I have already scheduled myself appointments to get my haircut and my eyebrows waxed.  I might throw in a mid-day nap in there as well.  I can’t wait!


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