So what did I keep?

For those who are curious, I decided to keep the pants and the dress.  The sweater was a fun print but because of the length and the fact that it’s a bit more casual, I didn’t think I would get much use out of it.  It’s also more clearly a piece for fall/winter whereas the dress can be worn for work year-round and the pants can also be worn year round, depending on what I pair with them.  The shirt I also decided to send back because I figure that I can find a similar shirt from Old Navy or Loft for a much lower price and the necklace was a little too dainty and subtle for my taste.

And I love Stitch Fix so much that I already scheduled my next Fix, to come the first week of May.  Some people sign up to get fixes every month but the problem is that I don’t have $150 to spend on clothes every month.  I like doing it every 3 months or so to add a few pieces here and there but it would be too much to do it every month.

If you want your very own personal stylist, check out the link here: Stitch Fix



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