We know what it means to miss New Orleans!

When we first moved to New Orleans there were so many things we missed about Baltimore: the weather, the lack of insects, the four seasons, many of the people, the restaurants that had become a part of our routine, Orioles games, Capitals games, being close to Ken’s parents and brothers, the city where we first met and became a couple, etc.  As soon as we moved to New Orleans, we talked about moving back to Baltimore eventually.  In law school I chose to take Common Law courses rather than Civil Law courses, and I signed up to take the Maryland Bar.  I then passed the Maryland Bar, which sort of helped seal the deal.  Ken found a residency program in Maryland that he loved and we made the decision that we would move back to Baltimore.  Though we had already made up our minds, we started to slowly fall in love with the city of New Orleans.  It’s a city with so much culture, such friendly people, wonderful food, vibrant music, etc.  and now that we are back in Baltimore there is so much we miss about New Orleans.

The best season in New Orleans is definitely Mardi Gras season.  Mardi Gras is nothing like what you see on TV: there are no bare-chested women, there’s not a lot of drunken debauchery as long as you stay Uptown to watch the parades.  They are actually very family friendly, lots of fun, very colorful and great for kids.  With Mardi Gras coming up this Tuesday, we have been seeing all our friends’ photos from their Mardi Gras festivities and have been feeling very homesick for the city we left.  There’s a phrase we now fully relate to:




And we can answer: Yes, we know what it means to miss New Orleans!

We’ve tried somewhat to recreate a little bit of that feeling by getting some king cakes… we got one from Wegmans, two from Whole Foods and we even had one shipped in from Randazzo’s in New Orleans.kingcake


kingcake5And since Julia is a native New Orleanian, we had to give her her very own slice of King Cake!  She enjoyed licking the sugar from the top of the cake and then sucking the sugar off her hands. kingcake3

kingcake4If you ask me now where we’ll be 5 years from now, I cannot tell you… there are too many forces pulling us in too many directions.  With my parents in California and Ken’s in Connecticut we have magnets pulling us to both coasts.  We also have lots of family in New York and New Jersey, friends down in New Orleans, and professional ties (I am, after all, a member of the Maryland Bar) to the State of Maryland.  There are too many factors up in the air at the moment to give a definitive answer about where we will eventually settle down.  What I do know is that New Orleans will always be a part of who we are.  Whether we move back there or not, we will make it a point to visit on a fairly regular basis.  Maybe Mardi Gras will be a trip we make annually or every other year.  We want to make sure Julia knows what a fun and vibrant city she was born in.

This week in particular we are surely missing New Orleans.  Happy Mardi Gras y’all!




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