Full-fledged Toddler

In case we had any doubts, this past weekend (which ended up being a 3-day weekend because of the snow day we had yesterday), Julia proved to us that she is definitely a full-fledged toddler.  She is so busy all the time and never stops moving unless she’s sleeping.  I put her hair in a ponytail which definitely made her look more like a little girl:3.4.2014(6)


She also has a new favorite word: “no.”  She says “no” whether she means “yes” or “no” though, which makes conversations with her somewhat pointless.  She’s still in this very frustrating stage where she doesn’t have enough words to communicate with us and she gets so frustrated when we can’t understand what it is she’s trying to tell us or ask for.  From my interactions with parents of older kids, I hear it starts to get better between 18-24 months and that her vocabulary will really start to take off in the next few months but for now it makes for some very interesting conversations:


Me: Julia, are you all done?

Julia: No

Me: Do you want more to eat?

Julia: No


Me: Do you want me to put you down?

Julia: No

Me: Okay, do you want me to keep holding you?

Julia: No


Me: Julia, do you want me to carry you?

Julia: No.

Me: Okay, do you want to walk?

Julia: No.

Me: Okay then, you can go in the stroller!

Julia: NO!!!!!


There are a few words she has started saying with some regularity and that we actually understand: “uppa” (means up), ball, book, more, milk, Mommy, Daddy, Kitty, apple, hi are just some of them and it seem like every day she has a new one.

As frustrating as she can be sometimes, she’s starting to get very lovey and cuddly, which is really nice.  She loves to give us hugs now and will gladly walk from Ken to me just repeatedly giving us both hugs.  The other day we had some lovely snuggles after she woke up from her nap:3.4.2014(3)



And when she’s happy, she’s very happy!  3.4.2014(8)

When she gets upset it’s usually easy to redirect her attention in order to make her forget what she was initially upset about.  And luckily (though I’m always afraid to say this for fear of jinxing things) her sleeping and eating have been pretty good lately.  3.4.2014(2)

3.4.2014We have some fun visits coming up in the near future… at the end of this month my mom will be visiting us for a few days, then in April we’re going up to Connecticut for Passover.  Julia will get to see her cousins, aunts and uncles again and since we’ll be away for the whole holiday we won’t have to bother with cleaning our kitchen!  Then in May, we’ll be going to San Francisco for a visit with my parents and for my 10-year high school reunion!  Julia has become quite the traveler.



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