SURPRISE! And a visit from Grandma :)

Last weekend I pulled off, for a 10th year in a row, a surprise birthday party for Ken!  And somehow, he was surprised again!  Since he was so distracted in the past few weeks by studying for his test, I figured it would be easy to make plans without his knowledge.  While he was taking his test, his parents flew in from Connecticut, his brothers drove down from NY and CT and friends arrived at our house from all over the Baltimore/Washington area.  He called me when he was done with his test and we all got ready to surprise him when he got home!  3.25.2014(4)


Since I couldn’t very well prepare ahead of time as far as the food was concerned, I kept the food very basic… we got a fruit tray, a veggie tray, chips with salsa and guacamole, pita chips and hummus, cheese and crackers, and we ordered pizzas.  We also had 2 birthday cakes–one was “hot chocolate” flavored from a local bakery and the other was a carrot cake from Whole Foods.  For beverages we had beer, cider and soda and juice.  3.25.2014(5)

Jon and Sara and the kids came down just for the day but it was very special to see them!  Julia always has a lot of fun with them. 3.18.2014(3)




Ken’s parents, and Adam and Jen stayed over night.  Bubbie  got to read Julia her bedtime stories: 3.25.2014(2)

and in the morning we all went to breakfast at One World Cafe (where they had plenty of vegan/gluten free options for Jen!) 3.24.14



The party itself was “open house” style party which meant Ken had time to really talk to everyone who came to celebrate with him.  And, since his test was over it meant his mind was not focused on the studying he had to do.  The party was definitely a success and I’m so glad I was able to keep him unaware throughout the planning!  It was a wonderful weekend with our family and friends!


On Monday after the party weekend, we had ANOTHER snow day!  I’ve lost count of the number of snow days we’ve had this winter but this one seemed like the least necessary of them all… the roads were fine, there wasn’t that much snow on the ground, and it started to melt by mid-afternoon.  We played at home in the morning for a little bit, where Julia had lots of fun reading books while sitting in her chair, and eating her toes! 3.18.2014 3.18.2014(2)Then we went over to Pete & Sarah’s house for a playdate with James!  Julia had a lot of fun playing with Mr. Pete’s gloves.  She looked so silly with her giant hands.  At one point she gave one of the gloves to James so they could high five!  That was pretty cute!  3.18.2014(5)

Then on Thursday last week… I picked up Julia from daycare and then we went to pick up Grandma from the airport!!!

Julia had lots of fun with Grandma this week.  Thursday night Ken & I went out for dinner just the two of us while Grandma babysat.  We got sushi in Fells Point and then got a beer at a bar we used to go to in college for trivia.  Friday we had a Mommy, Baby & Grandma day at home in the morning before running a few errands in the afternoon.  Julia had lots of fun playing with Grandma’s yarn! 3.25.2014(9)

and she also had fun with Grandma’s scarf and gloves. 3.25.2014(8)

We took some silly pictures of course, with various pairs of sunglasses: 3.25.2014(7)


and then we went out to do some grocery shopping.  In the afternoon we went to a Toddler Play Date at the Walters Art Museum.  We played with two other little girls and their mommies before heading home for a lovely Shabbat dinner at home with Daddy!

Saturday the weather was beautiful so we all went out on a walk on the Hopkins campus and spent a lot of time outside in the sun.  Julia had a lot of fun playing with dirt and running around on the upper quad of campus.  She also enjoyed sitting in chairs like a big girl! 3.25.2014(13)


Sunday it was starting to cool off… so in the morning my mom and I took Julia to the Science Center, where she had tons of fun playing in their Kids Room. 3.25.2014(11)

Then we got a call from Uncle Adam that he was driving down to DC from Connecticut and he wanted to see us for lunch!  So we met him in Pikesville at one of the Kosher Chinese Restaurants.  It was a nice treat for Julia to see Uncle Adam in the middle of a Sunday afternoon! 3.25.2014(10)

Monday I went to work while Julia stayed home with Grandma.  They had a lot of fun but Julia didn’t want to give Grandma a break.  She ended up not napping the whole day!  They did have fun though–on her rocking giraffe: 3.25.2014(14)

playing with all her toys in her room: 3.25.2014(15)

and brushing her teeth for 20 minutes! 3.25.2014(16)

Last night Ken and I had a second date night… this time at Birrotecca, where we had a scrumptious wild mushroom pizza!  And this morning my mom and I dropped Julia off at daycare and then headed to the airport.  It’s always hard to say goodbye after my mom comes to visit and it seems to get harder and harder each time.  The older Julia gets, the more fun they have together and the harder it is to say goodbye.  Luckily this time we already have tickets booked for our next trip home in May.  We’ll be going to visit Grandma AND Grandpa in San Francisco just seven weeks from Thursday!  Talking to them on FaceTime helps a lot too, since it makes it seem like we’re really visiting with them.  And we will be quite busy between now and then so we’ll have plenty of adventures to write about before then!





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