Go Orioles!

And… working backward one more time… the Monday before we went to Uri & Dahlia’s and to Koren’s birthday party was Orioles Opening Day!

Ken & I dropped Julia off at daycare and moved the carseat from Ken’s car to the car of one of her daycare teachers who had agreed weeks before to babysit for Opening Day!  We then went home to get ready for the game and then took the lightrail downtown.  We met up with our friend Pete to have lunch at Faidley’s first (an Opening Day tradition!) 3.31.2014(7)




and then we had a few drinks outside the ballpark with some friends of his.  The weather was absolutely perfect after having snowed briefly the day before!  And it was so nice to be outside for the first time in weeks.    3.31.2014(5)Our seats were in the upper deck on the 1st baseline and luckily the Orioles did fairly well and won their first game! 3.31.2014(9)



3.31.2014(2)They haven’t been doing spectacularly since then but at least they’re above .500!  I haven’t been to any games since Opening Day but Ken’s been to a few.  I’m eager to see how Julia does at her first game this season since the last few games we took her to were back before she was walking.  Now that she’s walking it might be a bit more challenging to take her to games but I’m sure she’ll go to a few this season!

Go O’s!




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