Happy 2nd Birthday to Koren!

I’m working backwards here… but the week before we went to Connecticut, we spent a weekend in Aspen Hill & Gaithersburg.  We drove down to Aspen Hill Friday after work to spend Shabbat with Rabbi Uri & Dahlia.  We were the only company they had for dinner Friday night so we had a lovely and intimate Shabbat dinner with them.  Saturday we spent a lot of time playing at their house and Julia & I had fun at the Tot Shabbat programming that Dahlia organizes at their Shul.

Once Shabbos was over, we drove to Phil & Sabrina’s house in Gaithersburg to spend Saturday night and Sunday with them and to celebrate Koren’s birthday on Sunday!  The weather was beautiful so we got to hang out outside and Julia had a little too much fun eating chocolate cake! 4.22.14(18)


It was also our first time using our new Umbrella stroller… which Julia seems to enjoy greatly!  4.22.14(16)

Ken is very into reading reviews on Amazon, Babies R Us and Consumer Reports.  After reading countless reviews and mulling over the decision for weeks we finally decided upon the Joovy Umbrella stroller and so far (3 weeks in) we are very happy with the decision.  It folds easily, reclines to a laying down position so Julia can sleep, rolls very smoothly and has a lot of storage room.  The handlebars are also high enough that you don’t have to bend over to push the stroller and it’s fairly attractive as far as strollers go.


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