Happy Passover!

Hi there!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  We just got back Sunday from a week-long trip to Connecticut for Passover.  We drove up last Saturday and Julia was an absolute trooper in the car!  She slept the last hour and a half on our way there and was happy playing and reading books before then.4.22.14(13)  We got to Bubbie & Zaydie’s house in the mid-afternoon and had some time to play outside with Marlee & Jonah before getting in the car again to head to dinner in Providence with Nana.  4.22.14(15)


Sunday we spent much of the day cleaning and cooking for Passover so Sunday night we all went out to dinner again.  Any restaurant that can accommodate such a big group with three noisy kids is a winner in my book!  The food is kind of an after thought when dining with a toddler.  When you go to dinner with a toddler, all your attention is being given to the toddler to make sure they don’t “turn into a pumpkin,” as Ken & I like to say.  Crayons, toys and room to run around are key!

Monday we spent much of the day preparing for the two Seders.  Monday was a lovely day… until Julia was playing on a bed and fell and chipped her tooth!  Luckily she is such a brave little girl that she was barely bothered by the whole thing.  Ken & I were worried though, so Robert came with us to take her to the dentist.  The dentist shaved the tooth down to make it less sharp and said that we could get a second opinion if we want to but she wouldn’t recommend filling it at this point since it will be too hard to keep the tooth dry and since it’s a baby tooth and will fall out in a few years anyway!  Julia was back to her happy bubbly self within a couple of hours, but here she is showing off the tooth! 4.22.14(11)


The two Seders we had were lovely and Julia enjoyed all the time she had to play with Marlee & Jonah.  Marlee is such a little helper with Julia and has a great time with her.  Jonah is still at an age where he doesn’t quite understand that Julia’s still a baby and hasn’t grasped the concept of sharing yet.  I can tell that in a few years the three of them will be great friends though and it’s so special for Julia to spend time with them.

Jon & Sara left with the kids on Wednesday so Ken, Julia & I had a few days of relaxing with Mona & Robert.  We went to the mall (Julia is definitely NOT a shopper but she did fall asleep in her stroller at the mall!), had a lot of time to just hang out as a family, and Ken and I even had a date night at the Casino!  4.22.14(9)



Friday Julia and I had a Mommy & Baby Play Date at the Aquarium in Norwalk along with a few of the other Pumpkin Patch Moms & Babies from the NY/CT area.  It was so nice to meet so many of them and Julia had a lot of fun playing, making fishy faces and then eating lunch with everyone!  4.22.14(8)


Having the Pumpkin Patch really is like being in a sorority with connections all over the country.  It’s such a special group and the longer it exists the more grateful I am for it!

The last couple days we were in Connecticut the weather was absolutely beautiful so before we left we got some nice pictures of Julia with Bubbie & Zaydie.4.22.14(6)



We left Saturday around lunch time to head to Jon & Sara’s house in New York for the night and then Sunday we came home to get settled back in for a week back to work and daycare.  I was off Monday so I got to spend a lovely day with Julia.  We got a few errands done in the morning and spent much of the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather!  We walked to the Sherwood Gardens to check out the flowers there and had a lovely time playing in the park! 4.22.14


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