Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in Charm City!  We spent most of this past weekend outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Friday night Ken had tickets to the Orioles game so Julia and I had a Mommy-Baby night at home… which really meant that after she went to sleep I was able to enjoy some peace and quiet time to myself!  But before she went to bed she had lots of fun brushing her teeth! 4.28.2014(15)Saturday morning Ken had to run to the hospital to see a patient so while he did that, Julia and I walked down to the farmers market to get some breakfast and some veggies for the week ahead.  She enjoyed being in the Ergo in the beautiful sunshine! 4.28.2014(2)

After we got home, our friend Holly came up from DC to spend the day with us.  This weekend was Spring Fair at Hopkins!  It’s a fun festival they have every year on campus.  They have arts and crafts, a beer garden, food, kids activities, carnival rides and student and community groups set up all over campus.  It’s lots of fun!  Julia particularly enjoyed the kids area… she went on her first pony ride:4.28.2014(13)

and also had fun playing with the sheep, goats, pig and bunny rabbit in a little petting zoo they had set up.  She loved the ball pit: 4.28.2014(14)and had fun going on her first bounce-house:4.28.2014(12)

She also loved this little pool with a bunch of rubber duckies: 4.28.2014(11)

After eating lunch at the fair, we walked back  home and Julia took a (very short) nap in the stroller on our way back.  Then we hung out at home for a while before Holly had to head back to DC.

In the evening, Ken did Julia’s dinner/bath/bedtime routine all on his own for the first time while I went out for a Moms Night Out event at another mom’s house.  It was an event I had put together called “Cupcakes & Cocktails.”  It was a great group of moms and we had a wonderful time just hanging out and getting to know one another.  The best thing about the evening is that we learned that Julia can go to sleep without nursing and that Ken is able to handle bedtime on his own.  This liberates me from needing to put her to sleep every night and it means that we are no longer limited to going out after she goes to bed.  If we want to go out to dinner at a slightly more reasonable time (like 7 PM) we can since we don’t have to wait till she is asleep to leave.

Sunday morning after Julia woke up, the three of us went out to breakfast at the Captain James, a restaurant in Canton that looks like a boat from the outside.  We had never been there but had always been curious about checking it out.  They had a nice breakfast menu, good coffee and were very baby friendly so I imagine we will be back at some point in the future!  Julia was being very silly and decided to drink water like it was soup… she also put on these silly sunglasses that we got at Spring Fair! 4.28.2014(10)


After breakfast, Ken headed off to yet another Orioles game and Julia and I proceeded to spend most of the day outside walking around… we went back to Spring Fair for a little while and then walked over to Sherwood Gardens in Guilford.  It’s this beautiful area with a bunch of tulips and other kinds of flowers.  Right now is the perfect time of year to go visit the gardens since all the flowers are in bloom.  It was absolutely beautiful! 4.28.2014(4)



And somehow I had picked a sweater for Julia to wear that perfectly matched some of the tulips! 4.28.2014(8)



After we came home I tried desperately to get Julia to take a nap… and that just wasn’t happening… instead she giggled and laughed at me when I told her it was time to go to sleep! 4.28.2014

So we called Grandma and Grandpa (who are now called Gagee and Papa by Julia) and then we went back outside to walk around some more in the hopes that Julia might fall asleep in the stroller.  Apparently sleep was just not in the cards for yesterday… so we stopped at a little playground to play with Julia’s new friend Eleanor and her mommies and then we came home for dinner and an early bedtime!

Ken and I were asleep by about 9:30 after watching some Parks & Rec.

Julia is currently teething… she has 6 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom but I felt in her mouth this morning and noticed 2 molars coming in on the bottom… I’m assuming that’s why she woke up for about 2 minutes 2 different times last night–once at 10:45 PM and once at 5 AM.  At 10:45 when she woke up, Ken and I were both asleep when we heard her crying on the monitor.  I immediately woke up but Ken was only half awake and we proceeded to have this very funny conversation:

Ken: Who is that crying?

Me: It’s Julia.  What other baby could it be?

Ken: I don’t know… I thought maybe it was one of the demos?

Me: What are you talking about?

Ken: I thought maybe the monitor had demo babies.  Maybe it’s one of the demo babies on the monitor.

Me: Okay, Ken.  Go back to sleep.

The things he says when half asleep are pretty funny!  That’s all for now folks… have a great week ahead!  Happy Monday!



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