Stitch Fix #3 is on its way!

I’m excited cause my third Stitch Fix box is on its way to my house!  I got the email last night telling me that the box shipped and should arrive on Monday.  Yay!



If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, check out their website using my referral link: 

and check out my First Stitch Fix Review and my Second Stitch Fix Review!


Here’s how it works:

1) First, you go on their website and fill out a little questionnaire about your own style preferences, your size, what type of clothing you are looking for and your budget.

2) Then, you pay $20 for a Fix and you pick a date that you want it to arrive.

3) Next you wait patiently while your personal stylist picks out five items to send you… depending on what you filled out in your profile you may get 5 items of clothing or 4 items of clothing and one piece of jewelry or purse or other accessory.

4) Then your Fix arrives on your doorstep!  You have 3 days to try everything on with the clothing you already own at home and you can decide what you want to keep.

5) If you decide to keep everything, you get 25% off the cost of the whole box.  If you only keep one or two things, the $20 “styling fee” goes toward the cost of whatever you keep and you can ship back the rest with a pre-paid envelope that they give you.


As a busy working mom of a toddler Stitch Fix is amazing… I’ve so far chosen to get a box every 3 months and from the two boxes I’ve received so far I’ve kept 2 items from each box.  It’s a great way to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe every now and then without having to leave the house to go shopping.  Shopping with a toddler is absolutely impossible and in order for me to go shopping without my toddler I either have to take a day off from work or I have to go shopping on the weekend and leave Julia home with Ken.  The problem with that is that we like to use our weekends to do things together as a family since we get so little time together during the week.  I don’t want to spend a weekend day shopping when I could be spending the day with my husband and daughter.  There are a couple of downsides to Stitch Fix too though… if they send you something that doesn’t fit, you don’t have the option of returning it for a different size or different color.  Whatever they send, that’s it.  Also, though you can make certain requests (“please don’t send any pants” or “please send me this specific dress I saw on Pinterest!”) they don’t necessarily make any guarantees that you will get a specific thing in your Fix.

The more Fixes you get, the better they get supposedly since you can leave feedback about the items you get, how they fit, what you like and don’t like and they’ll learn your tastes more and more.  This time I specifically asked for something with chevron print since I own nothing with this very popular print, and I asked for clothing that is a little brighter for spring/summer.  Everything in my last box was dark black/gray/red and I would love to add some fun spring colors to my wardrobe!

I’ll let you know Monday what I get!  Until then, have a great rest of your week & weekend!


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