19 Months!

Guess who turned 19 months old yesterday?!?!

THIS GIRL! 5.8.2014


Yup… she’s 19 months old and we took her to her first (scheduled) dentist appointment.  The dentist we saw in Connecticut after Julia chipped her tooth recommended following up with a dentist here so we made this appointment to get that one tooth checked out and also just to make sure her teeth are developing as they should.  The office we went to was spectacular: the office staff were all very friendly, the waiting room was like a giant play room with tons of books, toys, a car, a boat and video games, and the room where they saw patients was very child-friendly with television screens on the ceiling so kids can watch them while they lie back to have their teeth examined.

Julia wasn’t really a fan of having to sit on my lap and be held down while the dentist looked in her mouth but once we sat her up again she was perfectly happy.  He said the chipped tooth really shouldn’t be a problem and is just cosmetic but he did say the next time we see him (in November) he’ll probably shave it down just a little more to smooth it out and make it a little rounder.  He was pleased to see the teeth she does have look very healthy (right now she has 6 teeth on top and 3 on the bottom with another molar about to come through and he said he sees another several teeth about to come in within the next 6 months).

Julia’s in this stage right now where her vocabulary is growing exponentially.  When she first started talking a little bit she was adding a new word every few weeks.  Now it seems as though she learns a new word on a daily basis and it’s amazing to me how she knows exactly the moment to pull out the word.  She likes to use her words whenever she can so anytime I pick her up she points to my nose and says, “nose,” then my eyes and says “eyes.”  Whenever she sees an apple, she points out the “apple” and when she sees a baby she tells us it’s a “baby.”  She likes to make it known that she sees doggies by barking so when we’re out on walks and she sees a dog she says “woof woof!”  and if she ever sees a picture of a sheep, cow, duck, monkey or lion she makes the correct animal sound associated with it.

It’s also fun to see the wheels turning in her mind as she learns when certain words are or are not appropriate.  For example… Julia learned the word “noodle” to talk about pasta.  Last night when I was giving her macaroni and cheese for dinner, she saw the macaroni and immediately identified it as noodles (which she pronounces as “noonle”).  But a couple of weeks ago when we were having dinner with her at a diner, she saw the french fries and called them noodles too.  I suppose french fries are kind of the same color and shape as certain noodles but eventually she needs to learn to differentiate.  Another funny example is the word “challah.”  Whenever she sees challah on Shabbat she correctly identifies it as challah but when she sees other types of breads or cakes she often calls them challah too.  It’s so much fun to see how her mind works as she learns certain associations like that.

Julia’s also going through a very intense Elmo stage right now.  She absolutely LOVES Elmo.  Whenever we pull out our iPads or phones, she immediately asks to watch Elmo.  When we were in Connecticut, we got her an Elmo stuffed animal which she absolutely loves.  When she sees him, she says, “Elmo” in this very loving and sweet voice and usually gives him a big hug.  But it’s also funny cause she notices when Elmo is on ANYTHING.  For example, the other day we were at the grocery store and going down the aisle that had the baby food, Julia noticed Elmo on a box of some crackers and she immediately yelled for “Elmo!”  or when we were at Target a few weeks ago buying a little potty to keep in our bathroom, Julia liked the one with Elmo on it (we ended up getting the plain white one with no characters on it instead… just in case she grows out of this Elmo obsession).

Julia is becoming increasingly desiring of independence in many things: she wants to use her own fork and spoon, she wants to walk on her own without holding our hands, and she’s started to express an interest in picking out the books we read at bedtime.  I’m just amazed on a daily basis what a fun and smart little girl she is turning into.

In the next several weeks and months we have a lot coming up… first up is our trip to San Francisco next week to visit my parents and for my 10-year high school reunion!



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